The purpose of the 4 Week Challenge is for parents or other adults to see and experience Scouting first hand. The four weeks should showcase how easy it can be to help, show adults it’s fun and gradually build a relationship between the leadership team and the new adults, gradually increasing their involvement in the programme across four weeks.

The young people’s programme when running the 4 Week Challenge should be carefully considered so that the new adults are involved in the programme. For example, small group activities are good where adults are needed to help facilitate.

It is important existing adults are positive, welcoming and friendly and open to new members joining the team. This is not hard a ‘sell’ – you don’t want to scare new adults off! Adults taking part in the 4 Week Challenge would not normally wear uniform but it might be appropriate to give them a necker.

Communication between meetings is important – this could be done by email or text. A quick thank you and a reminder of what to expect with next week’s programme can make a huge difference to making a new adult feel welcome.

Disclosure and Membership

Most adults taking part in the 4 Week Challenge will not be current members of the Scout Association, nor hold a PVG Disclosure. Therefore, the following steps are important when signing up an adult for the 4 Week Challenge.

Prior to commencing the 4 Week Challenge the adult volunteer should complete a self-declaration form (Casual Helper Form) which declares there is no known reason why they cannot help. These should be kept locally and destroyed after they have either left or graduated from the scheme. They should also be given a yellow card and be familiarised with the venue in advance of the commencement of the 4 Week Challenge.

  1. The individual should be supervised throughout the period and should not have unsupervised access to children and young people. Like all “none Disclosure” adults, it is important you have enough current volunteers present to make sure you have ‘sight and sound’ of the new adult at all times. If your programme or venue is not appropriate for your team to have ‘sight and sound’ of the new volunteer at all times you should register them as an occasional helper and obtain a Scouting disclosure prior to the start of the challenge.
  2. You should inform the Scouting Support Officer Mike Treanor @ about the details of the 4 Week Challenge – name of new adult volunteer, section being supported, dates and the outcome at the end of the challenge.
  3. If the new adult continues to volunteer beyond week 4, it is important that they complete a PVG and go through the normal appointment process otherwise they should leave the movement.

Support material for the 4 Week Challenge can be sourced via the Scout Brand Centre.

Download Casual Helper Form

Download Four Week Challenge Information Sheet