80 years ago, on 26th September 1941, the first of a monthly series of newsletters was published by the 4th Leith (now the 104th Edinburgh North East) Rovers. The newsletters continued until December 1946. At that time, Rovers was the oldest scout section, with scouts joining the unit at age 17.

The Rover “Crew” was a tight knit group of friends who were separated due to World War Two. Wherever they were across the globe; in the military (either active or in Prisoner of War camps) or civilian services, the 4th Leith Rover Bulletin kept members in touch with each other.

Over the course of 60 monthly newsletters, these remarkable documents allow us to track each member of the remarkable Crew throughout the war years, showing us where they all were (exact locations were sometimes censored) and what they got up to.

To celebrate, and remember the positive spirit of the Crew, Edinburgh North East have digitised the typewritten originals, and intend to publish each copy of the Bulletin 80 years to the day when it was first published. Readers can either keep an eye on our group website (see below) or subscribe to our the Edinburgh North East Twitter account (@104thENEScouts) which will notify readers when each newsletter is published.

We hope readers will enjoy following the exploits of the Crew and, to help us develop a fuller picture of each individual, we would welcome input from any members of the scouting family who may have known, or know of, any of the individuals involved. The newsletters can be accessed from the Group website:

WW2 4th Leith Rover’s Bulletin – 104th Edinburgh and Leith (104thedinburghne.co.uk)