Photo of the Regional Commissioner, Margery Naylor
Regional Commissioner, Margery Naylor

This week Scouting made the difficult announcement, in line with Government guidance, that all our meetings across Scotland are now suspended until further notice. Following this news, I would like to let you know what’s happening in our Region during these uncertain times. The Regional Leadership Team and I do appreciate all that you, all our leaders and adult members, are doing to support each other and people in our communities.

We know that this is a worrying time for many members and we understand the decision to suspend meetings will have a significant impact. But the health and safety of our members is, and remains, our top priority during this challenging time.

South East Scotland Scoutsis a pillar in many communities and we are already seeing members across our Region demonstrate our Scouting values and helping those most in need. From 1908 onwards Scouting has made so many positive differences in our villages, towns and cities, and we thank each and every one of you for continuing this work in these difficult circumstances.

Please continue to keep up to date with our guidance and follow the advice of both the UK and Scottish Governments. This is a fast changing situation, so please keep taking the necessary steps to keep yourself and everyone safe. This advice shared by SAMH (one of our Million Hands partners) is helpful.

Through fun, friendship, challenge and adventure, we will continue to do all we can during these tough times.

Activities outwith regular meetings

While we are not meeting face to face, we know that there is lots we can do to stay connected. We’re working hard behind the scenes so that we can help you to support your fellow volunteers and your young people, and we will be letting you know how best we can achieve this over the coming weeks. We know there is a wealth of knowledge out there, so please do keep sharing your ideas. Together we can deliver Scouting in new and innovative ways so that we can continue to empower young people to be their best and fulfil their potential. Mike Treanor, our Scouting Support Officer, has already posted ideas on Facebook and he would welcome any ideas you may have so he can share them more widely – or just to discuss ideas with you.

We are currently working on what safe and practical outdoor activities young people can do and also ideas for leaders to improve their own skills.  Ideas are being created at Gilwell, SHQ and within SES Region, which we will share once we have more details. We are looking to see if some of these will go towards Scout badges, Scouting top awards such as Chief Scout Award and Queens Scout Award as well as Duke of Edinburgh Award. Don’t hesitate to email Simon Cocker, Deputy Regional Commissioner, with any ideas or questions you may have on undertaking outdoor activities during this period.

Michael Treanor
Mike Treanor, Scouting Support Officer

Communication and support

We will be sending out regular emails and putting information on our website and on Facebook – and Please watch out for them. Please let us know if you think there is information, advice or guidance we should be sending out to you. If you want assistance with setting up the ability to have virtual meetings, please get in touch with Mike Treanor, our Scouting Support Officer, for advice about this. We realise that you will have other priorities and concerns at this time and Scouting may not be top of mind for you and your young people. So, please use support from Mike and all of us if and when you are ready to do so. 

Bonaly Scout Centre and Longcraig Scout Centre

With the health and safety of participants, volunteers and staff being our top priority, we have made the difficult decision to close our two centres due to the impacts of Covid-19. We understand this may cause disappointment for you and your young people who were planning to attend, but we are sure you appreciate we are in unprecedented times. More information will be sent out directly to those who have booked places. If you have any queries connected with Bonaly, please contact and on any matters connected with Longcraig, please contact

Training for leaders

What an opportunity to get training up to date!  Please log on to Compass (how to do so here) and check that Essential Information, Personal Learning Plan, Tools for the Role and GDPR are all marked up as learning completed and validated.   If these are done, the next priority is to go to the bottom of the page and ensure that the mandatory Safeguarding and Safety are up to date. Click on the links if you need to complete the learning, contact your Training Advisor or ADC (Adult Training) to arrange validation or have your record updated. When these are sorted go to our training page to find what else you can do.  Help us come back from this crisis as a Movement that can outwardly demonstrate we put young people’s welfare to the forefront of everything we do.

Staying Connected with South East Scotland Scouts

If you’d like to get in touch and already have the direct email address of the RLT member you’re keen to contact, you can email them directly. You can also email Mike Treanor, our Scouting Support Officer, who is there to assist you. General enquiries can be made to and will be forwarded to the appropriate person.


We appreciate that all of us are facing extremely challenging situations for ourselves, our families and our communities. We hope the information in this message will be helpful and will reassure you that the Regional Leadership Team in South East Scotland Scouts is committed to working with you throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. We plan to stay close to you in order to understand just how the pandemic is affecting you, and we will work as hard and creatively as possible to continue to assist you. Caring for each other has been fundamental to Scouting from the start. Never did we expect that challenge to become as great as it now is. But we can overcome this challenge!

We wish all of you well and hope that you will stay safe and well. Do keep in touch with us and each other.

Margery Naylor

Margery Naylor on behalf of all the members of the Regional Leadership Team