Did you know that it is a mandatory requirement for all leaders in Scouting to have completed safety training?


Safety is at the forefront of all our minds just now after the fatal accident in North Wales, and we will be criticised very heavily if we have not done the training. Safety training is mandatory in Scouting.

Have you done the safety training? And is your safety training up-to-date on your own personal record on Compass?

Please can you make sure that you have had safety training in ‘Getting Started’ training, and then in ‘Running Safe Activities for Section Leaders’, or the ‘Safety module’ of the Managers and Supporters training. You can also do safety training online and it only takes 30 mins.

If you are not sure what you should do, please can you ask your GSL, your Training Adviser or your Assistant District Commissioner Adult Training (ADC AT.  In addition, you can seek advice from Mary Dick, Assistant Regional Commissioner – Adult Training.

I am going to ask for a check to be run on all leaders’ Compass records in two months’ time to ensure everyone is up to date. I will then discuss with District Commissioners what action to take, should we still have leaders who have not completed their mandatory training.

Please do the training as soon as possible – more details were provided in the January Regional Newsletter.


Start the safety ongoing training e-learning.

Ongoing Safety Training FAQs.

Margery Naylor
Regional Commissioner, South East Scotland Scouts