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Advertising for Volunteers

There are a number of ways to advertise the volunteer gaps you need filled:

  • ​Gumtree: this is increasingly popular at present.
  • Vacancy Boards: available via the UK Scouts Print Centre .  These can be put up in your meeting place.  See the user guide which shows what they look like and explains how they work.
  • Contact your DC who can then ensure the District passes you any relevant enquiries they receive from the UK/Scottish HQ websites, as well as give an update to the Regional Marketing Co-ordinator about gaps that need advertised via Volunteer Scotland and the Do-it Trust (external volunteer websites that the Region can access).

Resources for Recruitment

Below are a number of resources that can guide you through recruitment.  Remember you can also get leaflets and flyers from UK and Scottish Headquarters – some are free, some have a small cost. Visit the Print Centre or Scottish Adult Recruitment page .

Additionally, there are a lot of good videos online from the Scout Association that can be used in recruitment – either on websites or social media. See Scouts UK YouTube channel for the videos (remember: you will need internet access to show these at events).

Scouts Scotland website

Scouts UK website

UK Scout Shop

  • Recruitment Resources  Most are for free download. It is worth exploring all the links, as there are extra materials listed for some titles.

Greater London South Scouts website

Although not specific to Scottish roles this site has lots of useful material.


Sign-up sheets for events

Recruiting students