So far this year a massive 480 leaders have taken part in training courses over Zoom, and that’s not including the numerous First Response sessions.    The next stage is validation, and the Leaders’ Training Guide will let you know what needs to be done for each module.  The current version isn’t quite up to date for Getting Started, and module 6 is still in there, but it’s generally correct and due to be updated very soon.   Check what you need and gather your evidence together.  The evidence will usually be a natural by-product of the validation activity, and the validation activity should be something you naturally do as part of your role.  Depending on which module it is, your evidence could be detailed plans for an activity, the risk assessment, photos of the young people doing the activity, an email from GSL or another witness commenting on how it went, notes of your review after the activity etc.   Make sure you check how many validation activities are required, sometimes it’s 2 or 3 from a list of possibilities.

When your evidence is organised contact your Training Adviser to arrange to meet (online if necessary) to review it. If you don’t know who your TA is, ask your ADC (AT) who will be happy to help.  Keep hold of your evidence because a quality assurance process means a sample of Wood Badge nominations will be selected and evidence for some modules reviewed before the Wood Badge is processed.

The District Commissioners have requested that we run some courses over the summer so if you have some learning gaps have a look at the calendar here to see what’s on offer.  The calendar has the links to the Eventbrite booking system where you register your details.  If you’re keen, within Eventbrite you can choose to follow the South East Scotland Scouts Training Team to identify all the courses on offer. Please note that if you register on the Reserve list for any course there isn’t a guarantee a place will be available, it’s just so other people can be offered a place if there are cancellations.   If your plans change you can also cancel in Eventbrite and release the place to someone else.

For the Managers and Supporters out there, Scouts Scotland have just announced some training dates for the Skills courses.   Full details of the courses and dates, and the application process are available from Scouts Scotland on this link.  They tend to be booked up very quickly, so please try to get in quickly.  Please remember the relevant Independent Learning MUST be completed before the Skills course – if you need more information on that please contact your Training Adviser (M&S) or ADC (AT).   Please also let me know if you book a place as I will eventually get the bill and need to know how much we should be paying!

Whether you progress your training, go to camp or have a complete break from Scouting – have a great summer and stay safe.

Mary Dick
ARC Adult Training