Restrictions are gradually being relaxed, but we’re not yet able to deliver training in a face-to-face environment.  When we can, we will.  One of the first modules to go ahead will be module 10B, the practical demonstration of First Aid skills that follows on from module 10A, which is the theory delivered over 3 sessions by Zoom.  There will be around 300 people to get through these, and the intention is to have sessions in a variety of venues around the Region.   We obviously can’t provide details until there are further relaxations.  For now, I’ll be reaching out to each District to identify venues that may be available to us.  

I know some people have had challenges with our booking system, so all courses run by the Region are now booked via Eventbrite.  The Regional calendar has the links to Eventbrite; the current list is available here.  

I see a huge disparity between the training records in Compass and the number of people booking into training courses.  I typically send emails to around 150 people letting them know a course is available, yet often there are still spaces on the day.   No-one can do everything at once, the system is designed so your training is spread over 3 years, but I wonder if some people think the email is sent in error and so ignore it?   If you think it’s an error, please follow up with your Training Adviser or ADC (Adult Training) so Compass can be updated.  

The unsung heroes of the training process in Scouting are the Training Advisers – the people who work individually with each learner to help them identify what training they need, then sign off the completion when the knowledge or skill has been demonstrated to an acceptable standard.  We have a Workshop especially for this group on Wednesday 2nd June – a chance for them to hear about some of the recent updates to training, how others are managing the validation challenges when a lot of the recent programme has been online, and a chance to discuss any other concerns they may have.  Booking for that is also on Eventbrite and included in the training calendar.

For now, I would urge everyone to take the training opportunities that are available, gather your evidence together, and contact your Training Adviser to discuss your progress.  The elusive Wood Badge needn’t be too far away!

Remember that the Wood Badge should be completed within 3 years of the appointment start date – if you manage to tick off 2 or 3 modules per term it will be no problem.  If you’ve already been in role for over 3 years you really need to plan how you’ll catch up before the end of September this year.  Contact your Training Adviser or ADC (Adult Training) if you’re not sure what’s needed.


Mary Dick
ARC Adult Training