We can’t meet our Young People face to face just now, but what a fantastic opportunity to use the time that you would usually spend planning and running your meetings to get your training records up to date.

UK headquarters at Gilwell had planned and started an initiative to get all our mandatory training up to date and the current circumstances, for most people, are no reason not to do so.

The first priority is to have the learning and validation for Getting Started marked as completed on Compass, and then to ensure the ongoing Safeguarding and Safety are up to date.

Details on how to access Compass and access online training resources are on the Training page of our website

Please do what you can, at the end of the day it’s to make scouting as safe as it can be for our young people.

This month we will be running a pilot of a training session using video conferencing.  Depending on how that goes I’ll look at the possibility of having more modules presented in this way.   Many are available using online resources, so please refer to the Training page of our website for more information.

A number of people have asked about First Response certificates expiring while there are no face to face courses.  I expect an update from Gilwell very soon, and will have it added to the website as soon as I can.    I’m also planning how we can catch up on the backlog when we can run courses again, though obviously with no known date there’s a limit to what planning can be done.


Mary Dick
Assistant Regional Commissioner (Adult Training)