Update on First Response


Many of you will have seen the update from Gilwell regarding First Response certificates that expire during lockdown – in-short they are to be considered valid for a period of 6 months following the resumption of face to face scouting.

For obvious reasons I need to await guidance from both the government and Gilwell before plans can be finalised for mobilising the sessions that’ll be needed to catch up on the backlog. At present I know no more than you do about whether or not CPR will be required, or with what precautions, how many we can train in one session etc.

At present we are quantifying the problem – getting numbers from Compass of how many people will need First Response training before the end of the year. Ensuring any valid certificates are recorded on Compass will be helpful, so please check your record and contact your ADC (Adult Training) if you don’t believe Compass is accurate.

Thank you for your patience.

Training for Leaders, Training Advisers, Managers and Supporters


Huge thanks to those of you who have been brave enough to help the training team pilot virtual training.  We’ve run 4 sessions so far, with a further 3 in the calendar for early June.  All are fully booked, which is fantastic from one perspective but disappointing for those who missed out.  I’ve set up an entry on the booking system to allow people to add their details to a register of interest.  If we get a viable number of people for any course, I’ll do my best to get it organised.  The register is here.

Based on the response so far, we’ll continue with virtual training after lockdown is over in addition to the traditional face to face sessions.

Scouts Scotland has updated their guide to the training scheme – I’d strongly recommend this to all leaders working towards their Wood Badge.  It can be downloaded here.

There will be a chance for Training Advisers to discuss how they can best support leaders, exchange their top tips and share best practise on 23rd June.  This is in the training calendar, and can be booked via this link.

For those who have stepped up and taken on a Manager or Supporter role in Scouting (e.g. GSL, ADC, ARC, DESC) I’ll be running a short Zoom session to discuss the training scheme for these roles on 16th June, and answer any questions you may have.  It can be booked from the website  here.      The training sessions run by the Scottish training team are also on our website with links to the SHQ booking system.  If you are in one of these roles please do try to plan when you can attend.  The Region will pay the training fee.

If you have any questions about training please contact your ADC (Adult Training) in the first instance, or email me at Training@sesscouts.org.uk

Mary Dick
Assistant Regional Commissioner (Adult Training)