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Dear Leader,


As you know, circumstances beyond our control have dictated that face to face scouting activities are suspended until further notice. What a fantastic opportunity to use the time that you would usually spend planning and running your meetings to get your training records up to date. 


Some training can be completed online or via workbooks, and if you have already gained the knowledge, and completed the validation activities all you need do is contact your Training Adviser (TA) to discuss the ‘check your knowledge’ topics, show them the evidence of what you have done and discuss how it went. The discussion can’t be face to face just now but you could send documents to your TA in advance by email, then arrange a time for the discussion using something like Microsoft Teams or Skype; a phone call would do the job.


If you don’t know who your TA is, or if you don’t have one, contact your Assistant District Commissioner (Adult Training) to ask. The ADCs’ email addresses are below.


So where to start?


  1. Log onto Compass, click on My Profile and then Training. If you have (or had) other roles it’ll be easier if you click on Show PLP for the role you want to check so you get a list of all the relevant modules. For help with Compass click here. 
  2. First check Getting Started is complete for all your current roles. This is Essential Information, Personal Learning Plan, Tools for the Role (either for Section Leaders, or for Managers and Supporters) and GDPR. If you need to complete the learning, refer to the Learning Methods list to find links to online resources. Work through the elearning, save a copy of the completion certificate and send it to your TA.
  3. The next priority is the Mandatory Ongoing Learning. Scroll down to the bottom of the Personal Learning Plan (PLP) and check that Safety and Safeguarding are in date, and not about to expire. If necessary, go to the online module (details in Learning Methods list), work through the elearning, save a copy of the completion certificate and send it to your TA.
  4. Have a look to see what gaps there are in the ‘Learning Completed’ and ‘Validated On’ columns of your PLP.
  5. If ‘Learning Completed’ is blank in Compass refer to the Learning Methods document to identify any that could be done electronically or by workbook. If you decide to do any electronically, make sure you save a screen-print of the completion certificate. You will need to send this to your TA as evidence you have completed the module.
  6. If ‘Learning Completed’ is populated, but ‘Validated On’ is blank, refer to the Leaders’ Training Guide to find out what you need to do to validate. Given that validation is about putting the learning into practise you will possibly find you have met the requirements anyway – it may be that you just need to collect together the evidence. If not, guess what goes in your next section programme plan!
  7. Contact your TA and agree a time to ‘meet’. You might need to send them some documentation in advance, e.g. your programme, detailed notes for a meeting, instructions for an activity, risk assessment etc.). The meeting can’t be face to face just now, so think about Microsoft Teams, Skype or similar, or if you’re really struggling, a phone call.
  8. Any questions – contact your Training Advisor if you have one, or your ADC (Adult Training). 





ADC Name

ADC Email Address


Tamsin Growden


Kath Gamble


Brian Donoghue

East Lothian

Rosemary Laird  

Edinburgh North East

Vince Ridd


Ian Sharp



Nathan Sutcliffe





Mary Dick
Assistant Regional Commissioner (Adult Training)






The Adult Training Scheme

How training is provided

The Adult Training Scheme provides on-going training for all adults in Scouting – those who wear a uniform, and those who do not. Every adult will have a personal learning plan and a Training Adviser appointed by their District to support them throughout their training.  Full details of the adult training scheme are available on the Scouts UK website (opens in a new window). The Region arranges the delivery of most of the Modules but the Districts provides the basic training known as “Getting Started” for those starting out in Scouting or changing their role.

Regional Training

Our programme includes Wood Badge training opportunities for Section Leaders and for GSLs/Commissioners, offering all the relevant modules as least once every term in a variety of locations.

The courses have been restructured to mirror the new module matrix which was launched in February 2017. As well as Getting Started, all Leaders and Managers should complete “Training for All” (modules 5, 6, 7, 10, 11 and 12A). Managers then follow their own training programme which is provided by Scouts Scotland and Leaders complete “The Programme” (modules 12B, 16, 17, 18 and 19) and finally “The People” (modules 8, 9, 13, 14 and 15) to gain their wood badge.

Other learning opportunities are included to help develop skills in presenting and facilitating. Training courses are also organised for Trustees, Training Advisers, Activity Assessors and members of Appointments Advisory Committees.

We are also keen to support Districts by meeting requests for particular courses, say, for team development as well as personal training. Please contact the Assistant Regional Commissioner for Adult Training when you are considering this or any aspect of adult training in the Region.

We would encourage all leaders to continue with, and if possible, complete their training in the coming year and trust that this Calendar will provide opportunities that suit you.

First Aid

Courses are available regularly throughout the year. These include opportunities for leaders who are renewing their certificate (before it lapses) and do not need to attend the full course. This three-hour refresher course can only be completed twice. After the second time, the full six-hour First Response course is required again.
Find out when First Response training is available.

Mandatory Ongoing Safeguarding and Safety Training

All adult volunteers must complete online Safeguarding and Safety training. These must be renewed at least every three years to maintain an awareness of the latest guidance offered by the Scouts.

Charges for Adult Training

Adult training in South East Scotland Region now carries no charge.  However, please note the details.

If you have booked on a course and have to withdraw from it please advise the Training Team as soon as possible using  Please do not use any other e-mail address for this purpose.

Current Training Calendar

Please follow the appropriate link below and select a section to see which courses are available.  These can be booked online and you will receive an email confirming your place on the course.  If you cannot see the course that interests you, please contact Mary Dick, Assistant Regional Commissioner (Adult Training) and she will try to assist you.

You can view the courses on a calendar (by month), which also lets you search.

First Response Courses

For all

Check for First Response courses

Section Leaders & Assistant Leaders

ROLES: Beaver, Cub, Scout and Explorer Leaders and Assistant Leaders

See details of courses available

Managers & Supporters


See details of new training provision and courses

Executive members

ROLES: All Executive members

See details of training provided

See what courses are available

Other Courses – as required

Assessing Learning, Adult Appointments …

See details of training provided