Over the weekend of 23/24 February, Craigalmond District held a Training event for leaders at Bonaly. We set up our exhibition stand of Longcraig through the ages – Past, Present and Future at Bonaly for the weekend so everyone could take a few minutes to look over it. On the Saturday evening, we then took advantage of the customary Saturday night dinner and out came the second anniversary cake to supplement what was an excellent meal. And this time everyone sang Happy Birthday, lustily!

If you have an event or an appropriate gathering of people, young or older, please let us know. We can bring the exhibition stand along and depending on the event and location, supplement it with some other memorabilia! Please contact Ian Harrower ian.harrower2@virgin.net to enquire about dates.

Were you involved in any way with Longcraig Scout Centre at any time?


If so, we’d love to hear from you!

As part of this year’s anniversary celebration, we plan to hold an exclusive day specifically for all the folks who have been involved with Longcraig in any way at some point over the last 50 years. If you would like to get in touch, we will make sure you are included in all correspondence and invitations to this and other events which will be taking place. Contact getinvolved@longcraig.info or directly to: ian.harrower2@virgin.net

Please pass this snippet of information on to anyone you know who may not have direct access to this newsletter!

Bookings for 2019 opened 1 February 2019


A great big thanks to all those Groups who got in and found their booking slot during February, we do thank you for your continued support. We apologise that there are only 52 Fridays in the year, and Longcraig is closed for about 26 of them. But we are open and available for over 100 other days and weekends during our open season! We look forward to seeing you at the Centre and if you would like to discuss your visit about any specific arrangements, please do get in touch!

Go to https://cust.longcraig.info/Book-Now to check availability and make an enquiry or reservation.


Push The Boat Out 2019

This initiative, essentially an open day sponsored nationally by the RYA (Royal Yachting Association) is this year being supported by Longcraig and aimed at leaders and adults.

The are several aims for this day in the calendar –

  • To encourage adults to take part in water activities and perhaps develop a liking for it;
  • to promote the use of our Centre for both adults and young people alike;
  • to seek to encourage anyone who wishes to volunteer, do consider doing so. This can be with a water skill that you can bring, or not. We have opportunities for a range of support both on and off the water.

But the PTBO Day is predominantly to let people see what Water activities is all about.

The date for this year’s event is Saturday May 11.  For more details contact: getinvolved@longcraig.info

What a difference a year makes!

Saturday 23 February was one of our planned winter work days at Longcraig. It was a lovely day, hitting 16 deg. In the afternoon. We got a load of things done, including fitting new mooring rings on both sides of the pier so we can tie up boats, and attention to the two Drascombes as part of their winter maintenance before the season starts.

We sat outside in the sunshine for lunch! The evidence is below.

Lunchtime 23/02/19   


Ian Harrower, Longcraig ASU


 Lunchtime 23/02/18 – the Beast from the East