On 1st January, a group of Longcraig ASU members, supporters and families gathered for a brief celebration to start off the 50th anniversary proceedings. A few of our number had been out for a sea kayak trip with one of the Kayak Clubs, to coincide with the world famous Loony Dook held at South Queensferry every New Year’s Day.

We gathered as the sun was going down (it’s very early in early January!) and shared a celebratory glass of fizz or two, carved into a sparkler laden Birthday Cake, and enjoyed what we hope will be the first of a series of fireworks to mark the occasion.

Around 25 people were able to attend, and this included a potential ‘next generation’ of four (very) young people, and several family groups with three generations represented. Such are the lengths we go to in order to secure future ASU members! Indeed, Lindsay’s grandson Jack represents the FOURTH generation of the Latta/Calder family to support Longcraig. Sadly Jack the oldest is no longer with us but will be very much remembered during this year of celebration.

Guardian Angels of Longcraig

Look what the nice people at the Queensferry Crossing sent to watch over us!

1) from Longcraig Pier looking west

 2) Closer up view of the angels from South Queensferry

Three guardian angels, they came on before Christmas and are still there. If you are passing this way watch out for them!

Do you have any Big Events on this year?

If so, we have put together an exhibition of Longcraig over the years since its start in 1969, through to the current times, and looking a little into the future. We would be delighted to bring this along to an AGM, Group or District event, Camp or bigger gathering. Just let us know so we can plan ahead and make the necessary arrangements.

Were you involved in any way with Longcraig Scout Centre at any time?

If so, we’d love to hear from you!

We are still looking for old photos and memorabilia, but more importantly, as part of this year’s anniversary celebration, we plan to hold an exclusive day specifically for all the folks who have been involved with Longcraig in any way at some point over the last 50 years. If you would like to get in touch, we will make sure you are included in all correspondence and invitations to this and other events which will be taking place. Please contact getinvolved@longcraig.info or directly to: ian.harrower2@virgin.net

Please pass this snippet of information on to anyone you know who may not have direct access to this newsletter!

Bookings page opens 1 February 2019

Get your bookings in now to be sure of a slot in the 2019 season

Longcraig will open for bookings on the 1 February. You can book your session through our Customer Portal. The portal contains all the information you require to check availability, select activities and make bookings at Longcraig. Please take a look and Book Now to ensure your unit gets a prime slot.

Ian Harrower, Longcraig ASU member