If not, please sign up now for a course, just click on https://sesscouts.org.uk/adult-training/. If none are available or suit you, just contact your District Commissioner or ADC Training to ask me for a safeguarding course to be run. We can run a course in any District whenever we are asked!

It has been a busy year for safeguarding trainers in South East Scotland. 15 courses were delivered in 2018 and 3 have already been completed and another one planned so far this year. Courses have taken place in Galashiels, Hawick, Selkirk, Cardrona, Dalkeith and several Edinburgh venues. 224 adults were trained during 2018.

A new safeguarding course is being rolled out from the end of March 2019, once all trainers have completed their “Train the Trainer” course. The course is much improved and covers more current topics.

Generally, Scouting is a safe environment for young people and adult members. The Safeguarding Team and the Regional Leadership Team are committed to making sure that Scouting is enjoyable and safe for everyone who takes part. 

It is the policy of The Scout Association to safeguard the welfare of all members. It is also important to understand that all members have a duty to report any suspicions of safeguarding issues through their line management. Remember the myth that ‘It can’t happen here’. It can, and does, so we fail the young people in our care if we do not pass on concerns.

It is important to understand that Nights Away camps will not be approved if your safeguarding, first response or safety training modules are not up to date. It is also good practice to provide parent helpers or parents attending a group camp with copies of both the yellow and green cards.

Finally, I would like to thank my team of trainers who freely give up their time to travel large distances on occasion to deliver these courses.

Russell Shoulder
Safeguarding Awareness Coordinator.