If you are, there are now brand new and exciting training courses for you! The new Manager and Supporter courses are now delivered by a National team, with participants drawn from across Scotland.

The first one of the new skills training courses was all about Achieving Growth. It was held on Saturday 2 September, at the Ian Rodger Training Centre, at Fordell Firs (Scottish HQ).  I attended as a newly appointed Commissioner.

The course was led by members of the national training team, including two of our trainers from South East Region, Graeme Robertson and Martin Browne. The course ran from 10.00 to 4.00, and was very informal and relaxed, with lots of practical exercises.

Margery at the new Manager Training

Margery Naylor participates at the new manager training.

There was a great deal of sharing of helpful ideas and hints about development and planning, and the recruitment and retention of young people and adult volunteers. And with a diverse mix of participants from different Regions, it was really useful to exchange challenges and ideas with people in similar roles but with different Scouting experiences and perspectives.

The new skills courses build on the wide range of new Independent Learning Units on the Scout website https://members.scouts.org.uk/supportresources and these were very helpful indeed – fresh and lively.  All the new courses are on the Scouts Scotland website https://www.scouts.scot/news-events/events They would also be great on-going learning for old hands who already have their Wood Badge!

If you would like to get underway with this new training, please contact your Assistant District Commissioner (Adult Training) or John Bruce, Regional Training Administrator, email: training@sesscouts.org.uk or modules@sesscouts.org.uk for more information.

Do get started – this training will assist you enormously.

Margery Naylor, Regional Commissioner