Not many people get to spend the night in the place where most of the important decisions affecting Edinburgh are made but one lucky Beaver Colony in South East Region was able to do just that when a group of Beavers from the 102nd Craigalmond Colony held a sleepover in the Edinburgh City Chambers.

Craigalmond Beavers visit the City Chambers

Beavers at City Chambers

Organised by Group Scout Leader Cath Jackson with her local councillor Mark Brown, the Beavers were shown around the historic building including the Council Chamber and the Lord Provost’s chair before settling down in their sleeping bags for the night. Deputy District Commissioner for Craigalmond Martin Elliot, who was part of the leadership team for the event said “Groups are very rarely allowed to use the City Chambers for events like this but it was such an unusual venue for a Beaver Sleepover, that when she set her mind on the idea Cath was determined it would happen and worked tirelessly with the council to make it possible. The Beavers all seem to have had a brilliant time and it is a unique experience that I am sure will be a highlight of their time in Beavers.”

It is worth noting that the Council agreed to let them use the Chambers in return for the children and their parents making donations to their local foodbank.

Can you beat this for an unusual sleepover venue? If so we would encourage you to share your ideas so that as many young people as possible can enjoy unique opportunities through Scouting.