I don’t know what was more frightening – being on the king swing at Fordell Firs or becoming Regional Commissioner but I have survived both.

When Graham Haddock, Chief Commissioner for Scotland, appointed me – after a two hour interview with him and the formal Scottish Appointments Committee procedure – he asked me to focus on two things:

  • Encourage the fun in the ‘game of Scouting’, as Baden Powell called it. There are 9,000 adults and young people involved in Scouting in the South East Region and of these about 2,000 are leaders, managers and supporters. It is the role of the Regional Commissioner (RC) to support these adults and promote activities which will help young people develop their potential through adventurous activities and community engagement.
  • Recruit more young people into the Regional leadership team, in my 5 years as Regional Commissioner. If you are interested in a leadership role in the team, please do get in touch with me at margery.naylor@blueyonder.co.uk

I hope to be able to do both these things, with your support. I look forward to working with you all to assist you to enjoy Scouting!

I should like to thank Graham Coulson and Diane Marshall for all the work they have undertaken as Acting Regional Commissioners from 1 Jan to 30 Aug to support and promote Scouting in the SE Region.