Bonaly Event in April: Backwoods cooking

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Bonaly Backwoods cooking masterchef competition, 23rd April

This is a competition to test skills in a fun way but also to help those who are not so sure learn a bit about how to cook on an open fire. Teams of six Explorers or Scouts are invited to come and cook a meal over an open fire. We are delighted that Sue Lawrence, a MasterChef winner, food writer and author will be on hand to make the presentation.

Saturday 23rd April:

The day will start at 1000 and the cooking will conclude at 1400. We will then present the winning teams with an appropriate award. At 1200 on the day we will be inviting Cubs to come along and participate in a Sausage sizzle, We would also like to see Beavers and Squirrels on site to toast a few marshmallows, or other such thing!!! These events will be about fun, they will not be competitive but will also give our younger sections a view of what they can aspire to as they progress through the sections. It would be great if the younger sections from the same associated groups as the Scouts and Explorers could come along and support their teams in the main competition.

Details of the competition rules and requirements will be sent out to the applicant teams after the deadline date of the 28th March. Spaces will be limited but we will do all to accommodate teams who do express an interest in being part of the day.

The Admin: 
1. Make sure your applications are in by the 28th March.
2. Cost is £20 per Scout and Explorer teams. £3pp entry for Cubs, Beavers and Squirrels.
3. How to apply: email

Bonaly will supply alter fires, you will need to bring the food you are going to cook and utensils. If you have not got access to utensils we will attempt assist you.

Please note: Cubs, Beavers and Squirrels must be accompanied by a leader.

And more to come…

JULY: Later in the year we will be offering on the 2/3rd July a Pioneering weekend. This will take the form of a competition on the Saturday. The main focus will be on fun and training. On the Sunday each team will be asked to invite younger members of their group and will then have the opportunity to train those younger members on the skills required to build a ballista, be prepared, you might get wet!!

OCTOBER: In October we will be running a survival/self assessment weekend. The is be targeted at Explorers. The Event will run over 24 Hours and will challenge all of your organisation skills and your tenacity. Good chance you will get cold, wet and possibly hungry but you should achieve a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, I THINK!!!!!!

More details on these weekends and booking activities for 2022 will be updated as the year progresses, in the meantime check the above link and welcome back to Bonaly. Its going to be fun!!