A vibrant Bonaly Active Support Unit (ASU) is absolutely vital to the success and sustainability of Bonaly Scout Centre (BSC) and we are looking for the right person to take on the leadership of what will be an extended ASU.

The vision for Bonaly as a Scout focussed centre requires a strong volunteer base to work on a range of areas such as facilities, finance and admin, communications and activities and as such the new ASU Manager will play a critical part in the future success of Bonaly Scout Centre.

As part of the Bonaly Leadership Team the ASU Manager will be responsible for recruiting new ASU members as well as supporting and leading the ASU to ensure that Bonaly through the Warden, Deputy Warden and the ASU can provide the services our Region and other customers are looking for.

This is a key role which will require a significant investment of time and skills to be successful. If you think you can help or just want to find out more please contact Peter Casebow who is leading the Bonaly Leadership Team and to whom this role will report (with a dotted line to the Regional Commissioner). peter.casebow@sesscouts.org.uk