Working with St John Scotland, Bonaly has become the latest location to receive a life saving defibrillator.

The defibrillator was put in place as part of the St John and the City Public Access Defibrillator project which aims to place the life saving devices at strategic host sites across Edinburgh.  The project is funded by donors who help fund the equipment.

Bonaly Defibrillator Presentation

Diane and Cathy accept the defibrillator on behalf of the Region.


The defibrillator at Bonaly was funded by Royal Bank of Scotland and is mounted on the wall outside of the reception area inside an alarmed unit.

The pilot scheme which saw defibrillators placed in Waverley Station has already saved lives – the defibrillators have been deployed four times and have been used to tackle two heart attacks.

Diane Marshall, one of our Acting Regional Commissioners told us “Bonaly has a long history of working with the Royal Bank of Scotland, with their staff taking on project days at the site.  We really value the links we have with other organisations, and I’m sure that those who use the Pentland Hills including other youth organisations will appreciate the importance of this new equipment.”