Activity instructors

To provide a full programme we need instructors, a great opportunity to be trained in skills and adventurous activities. 


Bushcraft Instructors

Could be included under activity instructors, but I’m thinking it might be good to pull this out as a separate item. A great chance to train and learn bushcraft skills and 


Scout liaison and engagement

A role that will be about getting out and about in the Region to make sure people know about what Bonaly is offering now, getting feedback and making sure our programme is one that is attractive. Lots of marketing and comms involved.  


Finance and Admin

Let’s see what John says tomorrow


Volunteer Wardens

We need a small team of volunteer wardens to support Mark and Barry. This might mean just coming up through the week to lock-up or perhaps being on-site for a weekend if they are not available. 


Site maintenance

as per the existing ASU. Chance to join an existing team who do everything from grass cutting to painting and decorating


ASU Manager