One of our Friday Night Troop Meetings in May took the form of a visit to the Scottish Parliament which, of course, was built within Braid District (excellent choice).  Our guide and host for the evening was our local MSP, Daniel Johnson, who met us at the front door before guiding us through the necessary security.  As we are planning an overseas trip next year, this was good practice in getting the Scouts to concentrate on what they had to do.

Daniel showed us round the public parts of the building and those reserved for the politicians and staff.  In one of the committee rooms, he explained the purpose and functioning of the committees which gives members of the public the opportunity to present and give evidence to MSPs. 

The final part of the tour was in the magnificent main debating chamber and all the Scouts were able to sit in the seat of an MSP and even those of the ‘heid yins’ before firing questions at Daniel.  This then led to a very special part of the evening for our four youngest Scouts, who had been told to look their very smartest for the evening.  They became the very first Scouts from the 28th to be invested in these grand surroundings and perhaps the first ever Scouts from anywhere.  It was a memorable end to a very interesting evening and we were very grateful to Daniel for giving up his time.

Alan Dickson
Scout Leader, 28th Braid Scout Group