Bruce MacdonaldI am very pleased to announce that we have strengthened our Regional Leadership Team with two new appointments for adventurous activities – Bruce Macdonald as the Manager of the Activities Permit Scheme (MAPS). He joins Lawrence Mitchell who is our Regional Advisor for Adventurous Activities.  They will be working together to support our team of Regional Activity Assessors as well as helping to answer any queries you may have about activities within the Region.

We are very lucky in now having a strong assessor team with 7 people able to advise and assess for all the main adventurous activities, and in hillwalking we have recently appointed some new assessors.  If you have any questions about adventurous activities permits, please contact Bruce at:

Here is advice from Bruce about permits: “Please remember that the District Commissioner is responsible for approving all activities for young people in their District. In practice this may be achieved by an informal system of communications between leaders and their GSL.

Adventurous activities are covered by the permit scheme and these activities which are listed in POR rule 9.7 include hillwalking, climbing, off-road cycling, water activities etc. To run adventurous activities for young people you must hold a permit or use an approved centre. If you would like to hold a permit then further information can be obtained from:,359,366

When applying for a permit, please do not leave it to the last minute – it may be necessary to arrange a formal assessment, and this can take time to set up, although assessors will do their best to meet any deadlines you may have.

If you already have a permit, it will be recorded on Compass – please check when your permit runs out and apply for a renewal in plenty of time.  You should also keep your contact details up to date so that we can contact you about your permit.”

I know that Bruce and Lawrence will be able to help all our leaders run very successful and safe opportunities for young people to have fun and adventure.

Margery Naylor
Regional Commissioner, SE Scotland Scouts