It’s been a busy year at Bonaly Scout Centre with 13,000 visitors staying for a total of 21,000 bed nights; and over 700 visitors on our busiest weekend in May. People have been visiting Bonaly from far and wide with international groups from Germany, Spain, Austria, Poland, Denmark and the Netherlands. Closer to home we have had groups from Aberdeen, Inverness, Lancashire, Cheshire and Hertfordshire.

As autumn is changing to winter we are less busy with visitors camping at Bonaly so it’s time to get on with all those jobs that we just don’t seem to have time to do during the busy season. We will be having a good tidy up, carrying out site maintenance and starting to plan new activities and events for 2020.

The Forth Lodge and Chalet are busy at weekends up until Christmas, and they are booking up fast for 2020. The new toilets in the Baronial Hall are nearly completed and our Active Support Unit (ASU) have been busy putting up more shelves in some of the site huts.

We still have a few hardy groups camping and if that’s you, don’t forget your thermals!