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Updated March 28th 2023

I thought that for a change I would focus on the volunteers in Manager and Supporter roles this monthPerhaps not working directly with the young people, but their roles are absolutely vital to those who do.   

If you’re not sure what these roles are, they include: 
-Group Scout Leaders (and Assistants and Deputies) 
-District Commissioners (and Assistants and Deputies)
-Regional Commissioner (and Assistants and Deputies)
-Adult Support Unit Managers
-District Explorer Scout Commissioners
-District Scout Network Commissioners 

There are a couple of events lined up to support people in these roles: 

>Manager & Supporter Training – An Overview.  This Zoom session on 25/04 is designed to discuss how the system works, where and how to access the training and what needs to be done to validate the learning.  Visit to book. 

Training Advisers for Managers and Supporters.  As the training system is a bit different it follows that the Training Advisers need an extra session to get an in-depth understanding of how (and when!) to validate the learning.  We have a face-to-face session on 30/04 to cover this:  

Note that anyone looking at this role would need to have completed module 25 (Assessing Learning for Training Advisers) first, and also have the approval of their ADC (AT) or the DC.  As the TA M&S role is a Regional role though, the Regional Appointments Committee will advise on appointments. 


A few of the training modules needed by Managers and Supporters are the same as those for leaders, and these are delivered by the Regional training team. Validation for M&S roles is different though. The Skills courses following those are organised and delivered by Scouts Scotland in various parts of the country.  While I appreciate no one is likely to want to go a few hundred miles to do this, it’s well worth going to a closer Region to get some decent networking and sharing of thoughts.  Unfortunately, the role of Scottish Commissioner for Adult Training is currently vacant, though I’m really hoping Sharkey will be able to appoint someone soon, and that they’ll get more dates for Skills courses confirmed.   These are advertised on the Scouts Scotland website,  It currently shows Skills of Management, on 13-14 May in Aberdeen, and Achieving Growth on Zoom on 20th May.  Keep your eye on it so you can get in quickly when something interesting is advertised.  

I recently ran a Zoom session, GSLs – Supporting Training in your Group.  It’s not talking about the training GSs need for their role, but what training is required by other adults in their groups (leaders, exec etc.) and what tools are available to help them with the task of monitoring and managing progress.  I’m happy to repeat this if people think it would be helpful. 

Find all the upcoming training events on Eventbrite – visit and click on ‘Training Calendar’.  

Mary Dick 
ARC (Adult Training)

Training September Update

Training September Update

I hope everyone has enjoyed the summer break, and is full of energy and raring to go! 

Training Calendar 

Before the Summer break, I have been working with our excellent Training Delivery Team to organise a wide variety of training courses available up to December this year. Most of the Wood Badge modules are covered, which will be available face to face and/or online. Even if you are new in role, all the training modules are well worth doing, some more immediately relevant to different individuals than others.  

For example, knowing about the scout safety requirements is vital to running activities in a safe manner, so the “Running Safe Activities” module covers all you need to know about to keep young people safe – available on 18th (Zoom) and 30th (face to face) October.  

Some sections are struggling to recruit adult volunteers – the “Growing the Section” module is about recruitment and retention of adults, as well as young people – there are three sessions to choose from on October 22nd (Zoom) and November 20th (face to face) and 30th  (Zoom) 

If you are not sure how best to manage behaviour in your section have a look at “Promoting Positive Behaviour” – there are two sessions running on October 13th (Zoom), then November 12th (face to face). 

All the available modules can be booked via Eventbrite; just click on the Training calendar button above/below to access the list. Once you have undertaken a module, gather your “validation” evidence together and contact your Training Adviser to validate it. 

First Response

The first aid training delivered by Scouts – also known as First Response course – is required by most volunteers holding a leader, manager or supporter role, being part of the requirements for the Wood Badge.  It should be completed by those who need to, within the first three years of volunteering and renewed every three years. On the member’s record on Compass, the expiry date will be three years from the completion of module 10B. 

Plan ahead – if your First Response is due to expire soon then either get busy online  (Hampshire model, module10A)  or get booked on a course provided by the Regional Training Team.  We have dates planned for this in October (9th), November (13th) and December (11th) which can be accessed via the link above. If you have First Aid at Work, Hampshire also do an online ‘conversion’ course to add the bits that we need in scouts (Hampshire conversions) 

Note: UK Scouts made an announcement about some changes to First Aid requirements on 6th September – please look their communication.  

Safety and Safeguarding  

Finally – if you get an email from UK Scouts saying your Safety or Safeguarding training is about to expire, please take the time to complete it via these links Safety and Safeguarding . You can send completion certificates to a Training Adviser, your GSL/DESC, your ADC(AT) or, if you are really desperate, to me.  It will take less time to do the training than it does to explain why it has not been done!  

Interested in Training?

Trainers are key to the volunteer training scheme at the Scouts. As a volunteer, we value their contribution to delivering the #SkillsForLife to our young people and in helping make Scouting as much an adult experience as it is for the young! If you’ve decided to help others to complete their training then we have the resources and tips to support you. If you have the personal skills (no prior formal qualifications are required), interest and means please reach out to the Training Team for an informal chat. Thanks! 

What training is available?

This helpful summary of forthcoming training explains more about each, what’s relevant to you and why you should register. Please click on the relevant links or go straight to the Training Calendar link below to book.

The first aid training delivered by Scouts – also known as First Response course – is required to most volunteers holding a leader, manager or supporter role, being part of the requirements for the Wood Badge.  You can find out the roles required to complete the first aid training by checking Chapter 16: Roles Tables in POR. It should be completed in within the first three years of volunteering, and renewed every three years. On the member’s record on Compass, the expiry date will be three years from the completion of module 10B.

We have dates planned for this in October, November and December. To book visit HERE.

This module is aimed at all section leaders and other adults supporting young people in Scouting. It aims to enable adult volunteers working with young people, to understand and meet their needs.

Topics covered:

*Characteristics and development of young people.

  • *External influences on young people.
  • *Creating a supportive environment for young people.
  • *Responding to issues affecting young people.

We have dates planned for this in  November. To book visit HERE.

The module aims to help participants to develop a general understanding of inclusion topics and how to provide inclusive Scouting for all.

* It gives an introduction and practical advice about how to make Scouts more inclusive.
* Key ideas and language concepts and terminology.
*Legal framework for equality, diversity and inclusion.

  • Inclusion topics.
  • *Example of a good inclusive Scout Programme.
  • *Where to find information to help participants provide Scouting for all.

We have dates planned for this in September only. To book visit HERE.

Introduction to Residential Experiences is for section leaders and supporters who may organise or support residential experiences for young people as part of their role in Scouting. It’s intended to provide an introduction to residential experiences.

Squirrels are not currently allowed to do nights away events, this includes camping and sleepovers, whether indoors or outdoors. We are currently trialing this Squirrel residentials with a limited number of sections to test out how this would work and identify any potential challenges. This trial will inform the HQ decision on the future position for Squirrel nights away activities. It is hoped that an outcome can be communicated later this year which will help Sections and Groups to plan for activities in 2023.

All section leaders undertake the same training and Wood Badge as this is transferable when moving between sections. One element of this training is about understanding the value of residential experiences to young people. Squirrel leaders are still required to complete this module and in doing so would be encouraged to work with other sections on a residential experience. If the decision is made to allow squirrel nights away activities then squirrel leaders will have some key skills from having completed Module 16 which will help them on their journey towards delivering residentials within their section and if a decision is taken that residentials are not appropriate for this age group, then we will of course consider whether we need related content in the Wood Badge for this section, or not.

We have dates planned for this in September, and October. To book visit HERE.

This module is aimed at all section leaders and other adults supporting young people in Scouting. It aims to enable adult volunteers to proactively promote positive behaviour and appropriately manage challenging behaviour in their section.


Topics covered:
  • *Defining challenging behaviour.
  • *Planning for positive behaviour; principles and strategies. 
  • *Responding to challenging behaviour.
  • *Additional help and support for challenging behaviour,

We have dates planned for this in  October, and November. To book visit HERE.

This module aims to cover the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to be an effective leader

Topics covered:
Systematic planning
* Action centred leadership
* Leadership styles
* Developing leadership skills in others

We have dates planned for this in October, and December. To book visit HERE.

This module aims to enable adults to plan and run exciting, safe and developmental activities for the young people in their section.

Topics covered:
Importance of activities in a Balanced Programme
* Planning and carrying out activities
* Permits
* Risk assessment
* Leader in charge

We have dates planned for this in October, and November. To book visit HERE.

This module aims to cover the underpinning functions required to work effectively as a member of an adult team.

Topics covered:
* Communication
* Listening skills
* Decision making structures
* Representing others

We have dates planned for this in October, and November. To book visit HERE.

Covers ways in which an adult volunteering with a section can assist their line manager and others to plan for and contribute to the growth of their section and/or group.


Topics covered:
  • *Importance of growth in scouting
  • *Recruitment and retention: young people
  • *Recruitment and retention: adults
  • *Tools and support to help sections grow
  • *Development plans

We have a date for this in October and November. To book visit HERE.

12a Delivering a Quality Programme is a mandatory module for those who are completing a Wood Badge.

Delivering a Quality Programme is a mandatory module for those who are completing a Wood Badge. It aims to provide leaders, managers and supporters with information about how we deliver quality Scouting to young people, and how we ensure it meets their needs.

Topics covered:

  • *Key elements of the programme for each section 
  • *Badges and awards
  • *Reviewing the programme
  • *The Young Leader’s Scheme
  • *Youth shaped Scouting

Programme Planning is a mandatory module for Section Leaders and Assistant Section Leaders.

12b Programme Planning provides section leaders with an opportunity to plan and review a sectional programme including the use of a variety of methods to generate programme ideas.

Topics covered:

*How to create an exciting and relevant programme

  • *How to generate programme ideas
  • *How to review a programme to enhance it

We have a date for this in October. To book visit HERE.

Any questions please email the team at

Thank you.

Mary Dick
ARC Training

Training update – March

Training update – March

New Venue

As we’re reintroducing more face-to-face training sessions there’s been a bit of discussion about training venues, and what works best for course attendees and trainers.   Essentially we need a hall that’s reasonable comfortable with: space large enough for the course, possibly including space for practical activities and / or break out groups; access to tea / coffee facilities; transport options – on a bus route and some parking available; and from the trainers’ perspective storage for the equipment.   The Hall owned by 31st Pentland (45 Lanark Road West, Currie, EH14 5JX) meets these criteria, and as a bonus there’s a wee Sainsbury’s almost next door if someone forgets their lunch!   The Region has reached agreement with the Group to use the hall for regular training sessions going forwards.


So does this venue suit everyone?  Of course not.  South East Region covers a significant area, and members from the Borders or East Lothian in particular are unlikely to find a venue in Edinburgh particularly convenient. If Districts have enough demand to make a local course viable and can arrange a suitable venue, I have no problem with asking trainers to take the training to the District. Please speak to your ADC (Adult Training) if you’d like to arrange this.    We’re also still running most modules for the Wood Badge on Zoom, so where someone is geographically makes no difference   One participant last week was on holiday in Spain – now there’s dedication!

We’re hoping to include some training events that aren’t specifically part of the Wood Badge, but are topics we hope will be of interest to some leaders.  To start if off, Martin Elliot and Melissa Meldrum (our new Regional Adviser (Inclusion)) will be running module 36, Adjustments to Scouts on 30th April, 10am – 1pm. This module has a particular focus on exploring additional support needs. It will help you gain a better understanding of how to facilitate and make reasonable adjustments in Scouts, in a way that’s constructive and effective.  Put it in your diary now – the Eventbrite link will be circulated as soon as possible. We’ve also had requests around Mental Health First Aid, Working with Young Leaders, and use of OSM.  These are on the list to be planned – again please speak to your ADC (AT) if you have other suggestions.

If you have had an email saying that your mandatory First Aid, Safety or Safeguarding are or soon will be out of date, please don’t ignore it. GDPR is also needed, but that one’s not repeated every 3 years – once is enough.  If you think the email was sent in error, please speak to your ADC(AT) – there are ‘features’ of Compass that could mean someone just need to copy information to a new role, but you need to tell them there’s a data problem.  Please
remember the purpose of these is to keep our young people safe – the word ‘mandatory’ is a clue.

If you’d like to be advised automatically of all courses in South East Scotland, create an account in Eventbrite, and follow South East Scotland Scouts Training Team on

Mary Dick
ARC (Adult Training) 

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Training update – February

Training update – February

Focus on First Response

Is your DC or GSL reminding you (again!) that your First Aid qualification needs to be renewed? Is it a bit difficult for you to get away for a day to do a face to face course? Did you know there’s an alternative?

Hampshire Scouts have developed an online training programme that has been approved for use anywhere in the UK.

1. Enrol with the Hampshire Scouts.
Go to and enrol. At this stage you will need to know your name and email address, and to create a password of your choosing. Work through the training. You can do it all in one sitting (around 2 – 2 ½ hours), or if you prefer, do some, then log in at a later date to do more until it’s complete. Most of the training is in short videos (typically around 3 minutes), some have additional text to read, a few topics are text only. When complete, fill in the Google form so I am advised that you have completed this part of the training. You’ll need to know your Region (South East) and your district.

2. Book onto a Confirmation Zoom session, led by a trainer.
These are about 2.5 hours, and designed to check everyone’s understanding and give the opportunity to ask questions. The first of these in SE is on 16/02/2022, and can be booked on Eventbrite on When this is complete, module 10A will be validated in Compass.

3. Book onto a module 10B session for the practical demonstration.
Those currently available are:
a. Saturday 19th February at 1.30pm
b. Saturday 19th February at 2.30pm
c. Saturday 12th March at 1.30pm
d. Saturday 12th March at 2.30pm

We’re still running the traditional 1 day courses that cover modules 10A and 10B.

Those available just now are:
1. Sunday 13th February:
2. Sunday 27th February:
3. Sunday 13th March:

For both 10B and the full course, all listed are at 31st Pentland Hall in Currie (full details in Eventbrite). Additional dates and venues will be added, depending on requirements. Speak to your ADC(Adult Training) if you think there are enough people locally to justify a course and you have a venue we can use.

Finally, for those who completed module 10A by 3 Zoom sessions last year, if you haven’t already done module 10B it is still needed.

Don’t make your GSL / DC come chasing!

Get ahead, be notified of new training dates:

If you’d like to be advised automatically of all courses in South East Scotland, create an account in Eventbrite, and follow South East Scotland Scouts Training Team on

NEWS: Mandatory Ongoing Learning Progress Report

Safety, Safeguarding and First Aid are mandatory ongoing learning for all learners and need to be completed every three years. Recently we have made some great progress with 96% and 95% of adult volunteers in South East Scotland Scouts region having completed Safety and Safeguarding modules respectively. Our target for these modules is 98% so we have a little way to go. Well done to Edinburgh North East, Pentland and Midlothian Districts who have achieved the 98% target. 

We also have made progress with First Aid Training with 90% completion and GDPR (which only needs to be done once) with 89% completion – again each of these has a 98% target so we need circa 120 members to undertake First Aid and 200 members to do their GDPR training. If you have not yet completed this training PLEASE do so as soon as you can. Thank you.

Courses coming up:  





Eventbrite Link 


9.30am – 4pm 

First Response (10A and 10B) 

31st Pentland Hall, EH14 5JX 


9.30am – 4pm 

First Response (10A and 10B) 

31st Pentland Hall, EH14 5JX 


9.30am – 4pm 

First Response (10A and 10B) 

31st Pentland Hall, EH14 5JX 


1.30pm – 2.30pm 

First Response (10B only) 

31st Pentland Hall, EH14 5JX 


2.30pm – 3.30pm 

First Response (10B only) 

31st Pentland Hall, EH14 5JX 


1.30pm – 2.30pm 

First Response (10B only) 

31st Pentland Hall, EH14 5JX 


2.30pm – 3.30pm 

First Response (10B only) 

31st Pentland Hall, EH14 5JX 


10am – 12.30pm 

Growing the Section (13) 

88th Craigalmond Hall, EH12 7NW 


1pm – 3.30p – 12.30pm 

Assessing Learning (25) 

88th Craigalmond Hall, EH12 7NW 


7pm – 9.30pm 

First Response Confirmation (10A) 



7pm – 9.30pm 

Skills of Leadership (08) 



7pm – 9.30pm 

Working with Adults (09) 



7pm – 9.30pm 

Administration (11) 



7pm – 9.30pm 

Introduction to Residential Experiences (16) 



7pm – 9.30pm 

Running Safe Activities (17) 




November Training Update

November Training Update

Hold the front page!!!


Several people have been asking about First Response courses, I’m delighted to say we have the first few dates confirmed, and will have more coming online very soon.

A recent survey highlighted that several people are available midweek, so some courses are being run midweek in addition to the more traditional weekend dates. All sessions are face to face, and we have a risk assessment in place. The risk assessment applies to both 10B only and the full course, and some of the key points are:

· All concerned are to wear a mask (unless exempt) and to use hand sanitiser

· All should maintain a distance of 1m from each other

· Numbers of attendees are restricted to 12 per session

· Good ventilation will be maintained in the training venue

· Each manikin will be allocated to an individual for each session and will be cleaned between each session

· We will not ask anyone to demonstrate rescue breaths on the manikin, just chest compressions

Module 10B only is the practical demonstration and is available to the 255 people who completed the 3 theory sessions over Zoom earlier this year. If module 10A is not validated in Compass you are not eligible for module 10B. There will be multiple sessions for 10B in a single day; participants will be able to book the time slot they prefer. Please arrive promptly for your time slot to avoid any delay building up over the day; but not too early as we want the previous group to have time to depart. Extrasensory perception of the traffic conditions on your route to the training venue will clearly help with this!

First Response full course is modules 10A and 10B in a single all-day session.

As the demand is huge, it’s vitally important that if you can’t attend you MUST cancel your booking in Eventbrite at the earliest possible opportunity to allow another Leader to use the place. Lists of non-attendees (who have not cancelled) will be distributed to Districts.


Date Day Course Type Link
06/11/2021 Saturday Full
09/11/2021 Tuesday Full
11/11/2021 Thursday 10B only
13/11/2021 Saturday Full
15/11/2021 Monday Full
21/11/2021 Sunday 10B only
26/11/2021 Friday 10B only
Finally – don’t panic if you can’t immediately book a course.  We have until the end of January, and more dates will be added to meet the demand.  We’ll also have some held in East Lothian, Midlothian and Borders so leaders there don’t need to travel to Edinburgh – unless they really want to! 

If it seems a long time since the theory was covered, you may want to watch some of the St John’s Ambulance videos we used, some links are below.
Training Update December 2020

Training Update December 2020

The training team are generally winding down for Christmas, but dates are already in the diary for some modules to be run January – March next year.  Have a look at the calendar on the Region’s website here to find something to suit you.  Remember that a Wood Badge needs to be completed in 3 years, and if already over 3 years you have until 30/09/2021.   Check your Compass record to see what you need to do, and make a plan to work through it gradually.   SHQ has produced a guide to validation while we’re in some form of lockdown, have a look and see if there’s anything you can validate now

If you are still getting the emails from Tim Kidd asking you to complete some mandatory training there’s a problem.  Either it’s overdue, and we really need you to get it done, or, if you know you have completed it there’s a problem with the data in Compass that needs to be resolved.  If you’re not sure what needs to be done please speak to your GSL, Training Adviser or ADC (AT).  This link is to the Getting Started training material – this includes the online Safety and Safeguarding that are to be renewed every 3 years.

If having time to complete the mandatory training (either any part of Getting Started, or the ongoing Safety or Safegaurding) is a problem your Commissioner can support you by arranging a Mutually Agreed Restriction for up to 4 weeks.  What this means is that you won’t attend any meetings, virtual or face to face, and instead can spend that time working through any outstanding modules.  When the training is up to date the restriction can be lifted and you’ll return to business as usual.  If not completed in the 4 weeks further steps may be required. 

We’ll continue to offer training by Zoom, some people find it incredibly helpful to avoid the time and inconvenience of travelling and being away from home, but when we can will add in the option of face to face sessions on Saturdays or Sundays

If you have questions please contact your ADC (Adult Training) in the first instance – they are all full of useful information.

I hope you all enjoy the Christmas break.

Mary Dick
ARC (Adult Training) 

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