Opportunity to Undertake International Module Online

Opportunity to Undertake International Module Online

Do you need to undertake the International module to help you complete your Wood Badge training requirements? There is an opportunity to complete the learning for this module online on Saturday 15th August 2020.

This module will explain the worldwide nature of Scouting as well as detailing how international aspects feature in the Programme. Time will also be spent on discussing how to obtain resources, ideas and material to support the international aspects of the section’s programme.

The training will be delivered by Malcolm Dear and Sean Sessions from the Highlands & Islands training team. Further information can be found from the attached flyer

To register your interest in the online course please complete this form by 12th August.

Adult Training Update August 2020

Adult Training Update August 2020

Well, the traditional date for restarting after the Summer break is fast approaching, so it’s time to blow the virtual dust off the Personal Learning Plan, check the training calendar, and get some quality training booked.  We have a number of sessions in the calendar already, so please access the Region’s website and make some bookings.  All will be delivered via Zoom at present.   I hope to have most of the other modules added soon, so check for updates to see what’s there.  I’ve added a ‘Register of Interest’ event on 31/10 to allow you to let me know if something you want isn’t available or already fully booked.  I’ve also added an Overview of the Manager & Supporter Training Scheme – this is aimed at anyone in these Manager & Supporter roles who aren’t sure what the requirements are, e.g. GSLs, AGSLs, DCs, ADCs, DDCs, ARCs, ASU Managers etc.

If you book a place on any course, please ensure you cancel at the earliest possible opportunity if your plans change.  Last minute cancellations or failure to cancel means the place cannot be offered to another leader.  Sadly, there have been recent cases of people not joining the call with no advance notice.

If you’ve been on the receiving end of an email from Tim Kidd about your Getting Started or mandatory ongoing learning for Safety or Safeguarding please do take heed and get yourself up to date.  It’s all online, so can be done at a time of your choosing.  You are most unlikely to have been sent the email if it’s not required for your role.   Please note that a recent change to rules means that Executive Committee members are now required to complete Safeguarding and Safety on an ongoing basis.   If you have a problem with it please ask for help – if you don’t the problem won’t go away. Most can be easily resolved by speaking to a Training Adviser, Assistant District Commissioner (Adult Training) or myself.  When you complete the online training save a screenshot of the completion certificate and send it to a Training Adviser or ADC (AT) so they can update Compass for you.  Remember, the clue is in the word ‘mandatory’.  It would be hugely helpful if GSLs and DCs would check the training records for those in their groups or districts, and provide whatever encouragement or support that may be needed to get it done.  Please contact me if you need any help with Compass.

Many of you will have seen the information from Gilwell about First Aid training. Firstly, we are given 6 months extension on expired certificates from the end of lockdown, so if you had a current certificate before lockdown you will still be covered. Secondly, it’s now possible to deliver the theory element via Zoom, and have people cover the practical element when it’s safe for us to run face to face again.  We’re working on getting that up and running as soon as we can.   At present, Compass tells me that there are over 400 people needing First Aid so please be patient.  Courses will be organised at the earliest opportunity, and as many of them as we can, but obviously we will need to manage the allocation of places.

If you have any questions about training please contact your ADC (Adult Training) in the first instance, or email me at Training@sesscouts.org.uk

Title* Date Notes
Fundamentals of Scouting (05) 20/08/2020
Administration (11) 26/08/2020
Introduction to Residential Experiences (16) 27/08/2020
International (19) 01/09/2020
Delivering a Quality Programme (12A) & Programme Planning (12B) 31/08/2020 & 07/09/2020 Attendees must be able to attend both dates.
Scouting for All (07) 03/09/2020
Running Safe Activities (17) 09/09/2020
Growing the Section (13) 10/09/2020
Overview of Manager & Supporter Training Scheme 16/09/2020
Introduction to Residential Experiences (16) 17/09/2020
Running Safe Activities (17) 22/09/2020
Fundamentals of Scouting (05) 24/09/2020
Scouting for All (07) 01/10/2020
Growing the Section (13) 15/10/2020
International (19) 05/11/2020

* The module numbers are indicated in brackets at the end of the title to help track the modules on Compass and match them to existing documents.

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Wood (Badge) you Believe It?

I’ve been chatting to a few people in the Region, including some who are generally switched on to training requirements, and found not all are aware of when additional Wood Badges are needed.

Does it matter?  Yes.  Yes, it does because we all need to have the right skills and knowledge for the role we’re doing.  Being awarded a Wood Badge on completion of training for one role need not mean that you have all the knowledge required for another role.  The Wood Badge is role-specific so if you move from working with Beavers to working with Scouts you need to review your training, and re-validate some modules.  For example, the programme will look very different (Programme Planning) the factors that influence, motivate and possibly concern the young people will be different (Supporting Young People).  Other role changes are more significantly different, e.g. Section Leader to GSL, so different training is needed.

If you have (or had) more than one role in Scouting, please check Compass to see if any current roles that need a Wood Badge have got a Wood Badge, and if not speak to a Training Adviser or your ADC (Adult Training) to discuss what you need to do.  You have 3 years from the start of the role, so you’ll be able to judge whether or not you’re on track to complete on time by the gaps in your Personal Learning Plan. 

GSLs and DCs – Please check Compass for the people in your Group / District who may be impacted by this and provide whatever support may be needed. 

Not all roles have a Wood Badge, here are some examples of those that do, and do not.

Wood Badge required:

Section Leaders (and Assistant Leaders)

Group Scout Leaders (and assistants) 

Commissioners (and deputies / assistants) 

Manager of Active Support Unit

Wood Badge not required: 

Section Assistants

Executive Committee members 

Members of Active Support Unit

Appointment Committee Members

Skills Instructors

Your local, friendly ADC (Adult Training) will be able to help if you have any questions, or email me at Training@sesscouts.org.uk. 

Mary Dick
ARC (Adult Training)




Who Says We Can’t Do Training?

Who Says We Can’t Do Training?

We’re living in different times just now, so we need to do things a little differently.  You’ll have seen the information about the e-learning that’s always been available on the Scout website at https://sesscouts.org.uk/adult-training/. As always, Safety, Safeguarding and Getting Started are the priorities.

We’re also piloting a virtual training session using the Zoom platform.  Participants will need to download Zoom in advance and will be sent details of the ‘meeting’. They will then sit in the comfort of their own homes, refreshment at their elbow, and on 12th May at 7.30pm will join in a session on Administration (module 11).   

We’re already looking at offering other modules in this way, Assessing Learning (25) for prospective Training Advisers is next on the list. All courses will be posted on the website in the training calendar as usual, and I’ll let the ADCs know what’s on so they can spread the word.  

It would be really good to get some feedback on what works well (or not so well!) and what you would find most useful.   Please feel free to email Training@sesscouts.org.uk.  Be aware that I’m still working though, so won’t be able to reply instantly!

Take care, and stay safe.

Mary Dick
ARC (Adult Training)

Inclusion Courses

Inclusion Courses

The Region will be running two autism workshops in early 2020 to support our local leaders. The workshops will be supported by the National Autistic Society Scotland and will provide an opportunity to share and explore strategies for supporting young people with autism in Scouting.

 We are also hoping to include a session on therapeutic gardening which is all about inclusive activities for those who sometimes experience challenges in joining in.

The workshops will last 4 hours and we anticipate having approx. 30 spaces available at each venue.

 The workshops will take place between 10am to 2pm: 

  • Saturday 28th March – Edinburgh @ 31st Pentland Hall, 45 Lanark Road West, Currie, EH14 5JX 
  • Sunday 29th March – Borders @ Melrose Scout Hall, Abbey Place Melrose

The courses will be available to book on the South East Scotland website soon. 

    Residential weekend: Save the Date

    Residential weekend: Save the Date

    The South East training team will be hosting a residential weekend at Bonaly Scout Centre 13 – 15 March 2020. It’ll kick off on the Friday evening, and finishes on Sunday afternoon.

    Details are still to be finalised, but we’ll be offering all the modules for Section Leaders and Assistant Leaders, and some extras for those who just happen to be interested, whether they already have a Wood Badge or not. I’m keen to include some practical sessions – maybe some tent pitching, fire-lighting, outdoor activities for your young people, and also some information sessions – advice on supporting young people with some special needs, myth-busting on organising foreign trips…

    Accommodation will be in the Chalet, so you’ll be able to take full advantage and chat to leaders from other parts of the Region and share ideas. We’ll have a social event on the Saturday evening to have a break from all the learning.

    Booking should be open by 31st December so don’t miss out. If it suits you better to come for the day(s) and not stay over that will be fine.

    Mary Dick
    ARC (Adult Training)

    Do you want to gain your hillwalking permit?

    Do you want to gain your hillwalking permit?

    Read on to see how we can support you in achieving this in 2020.

    In late 2018, the Region formed a small team of Regional Assessors to support adult volunteers in Scouting gain their T1 and T2 hillwalking permits. 2019 was a great success in achieving this with 3 assessment days being run where 9 leaders gained their T1 permits and 2 gained their T2 permits. In addition, we granted an additional two T1 permits and one T2 permit to Leaders who hold their Hill and Moorland Leader (HML) and Summer Mountain Leader (ML) Awards respectively.

    However, whilst this catered for the historic demand, we know from the level of enquires we have received that there is a lot of desire to take young people out onto the hills and adult volunteers are wanting support to get their T1/T2 permits.

    Therefore, we have been recruiting additional Regional Advisors and are looking to offer both training and more assessment dates in 2020. In order to schedule these, we need to understand what the current demand is for training and/or assessments. Our broad plan is to run the training in Q1 and then run the assessments in both the Spring and Autumn.

    Therefore, if you have already registered your interest; thank you. For those who haven’t then here’s what you need to do.

    If you are wanting training prior to assessment, please complete the questionnaire to help us gauge what courses we need to deliver. In addition, if you are interested in improving your hillwalking skills for T0 territory with a view at a later stage to go for T1 and T2 and want training please complete the form.

    If you are wanting to go straight to assessment, then please complete the permit application and send this with your log of hillwalking activity over the last two to three years and in addition for T2 permit requests a copy of your in-force outdoor first aid certificate.

    For those who already hold a T1 or T2 please also follow one or both steps if you wish to

    • Have any restrictions removed from your current permit?
    • You hold a T1 permit and wish to go for your T2
    • You have a leadership permit (T1 or T2) and wish to upgrade from leadership to supervisory (which is necessary to remotely supervise a DofE expedition)

    Please send all the relevant documentation to hillwalking@sesscouts.org.uk by 31 December 2019 so we can finalise numbers and announce our programme in the January newsletter.

    Finally if you hold an in-force HML or ML award please complete the permit application form and send this with a copy of your certificate (& a copy of an up-to-date outdoor first aid certificate if you hold ML) so we can recommend to your DC to issue a T1 or T2 permit respectively from a technical competence basis.

    Full details of the hillwalking schemes, relevant forms and information can be found here.

    If you have any queries on this or any other aspect of the T1/T2 permits and assessment process please email hillwalking@sesscouts.org.uk