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One of the oldest groups in the UK is reignited

One of the oldest groups in the UK is reignited

Picture of Chris Small

Chris Small

9th Braid ( George Watson's College)

After an 18-month hiatus, the 9th Braid GWC Scout Group is back up and running.

The 9th, which operates through agreement with George Watson’s College, is one of the oldest Scout groups in Scotland (if not the oldest), having formed in 1908.

It is an Open Group, meaning pupils at the school are welcome to join – as well as any young people in the Beavers and Cubs age range who live in the local community.

Following a period recruiting new leaders and developing a new programme, meetings started again on Friday 14th June with the first of two taster session evenings for young people interested in joining Beavers and Cubs.

Lead Volunteer Greig Torpey said: “We’re delighted to have restarted the Group with the initial taster sessions for Beavers and Cubs, and are looking forward to launching our weekly programme from Friday 6 September.

“We would encourage everyone who enjoyed the Beavers and Cubs sessions in June to spread the word, and we also appeal to parents to get involved.

“We have big plans for the Group and hope to re-establish a Scout Troop next year. But growing the 9th back to full strength and ensuring continuity will depend on parents being able to contribute their time. We know they’ll get a lot out of it if they do.

“We’d like to thank South-East Scotland Scouting Support staff Amy Irvine and Nacho Luna Borrás for their help in getting things off the ground again.”

Joining Greig on 9th Braid’s new team of volunteers are leaders Ben James and Jamie Cavaye, supported by Chris Small focusing on communications and admin for the Group. 

Weekly meetings will take place on Friday evenings during term time in the school’s Centre for Sport.

Any parents interested in their child joining Beavers or Cubs, or volunteering to help the Group grow, should email: or