Never Too Old for a Wood Badge

After completing 60 years in Scouting and having her 80th birthday, Evelyn Torrance of the Pilrig Scout Group rounded off a wonderful few months when the Regional Commissioner came along and presented her with her very first Wood Badge!

Evelyn - With the Beavers

Evelyn celebrates her newly earned Wood Badge with her Beavers.


ARC Communications, Brian Morrison, was delighted when this story made its way to the Comms Team.  “Evelyn was one of the helpers in my Colony when I was a Beaver, and I’m so proud that she’s achieved her Wood Badge!  Well done Evelyn!”

YLs in Sections – ENE

Young Leaders with Beavers, Cubs and Scouts

Young Leaders are an extremely useful resource for the younger sections.  The experience of being a Young Leader is also extremely rewarding, particularly if all the training is completed, and Young Leaders are one of our main sources for recruiting the adult leaders of the future.  The section leader plays a crucial role in giving YLs the opportunity to put their training into practice.

Page 1 of this document is the same for all Districts.  Page 2 gives information specific to Edinburgh North East District.

YLs – notes for section leaders and GSLs

Introduction for GSLs and Leaders to the YL Placement Agreement