Leslie Sell Charitable Trust

Leslie Sell Charitable Trust

The Leslie Sell Charitable Trust provides financial assistance to the Scouting and Guiding movement through small grants to Groups in the UK to help with the cost of making repairs, or purchasing sundry items of equipment. It also assists groups and individuals for UK or overseas trips.

Applications can be made any time. However, the Trustees are unable to consider applications for trips submitted within three months of the departure date.

The Leslie Sell Charitable Trust was set up in May 1969 by the late Leslie Sell to provide financial assistance to the Scouting and Guiding movement. This independent Trust Fund accepts applications from Group and Individual members of the Scout or Guide movement within the UK and Northern Ireland for trips or projects which are being undertaken within the movement.

More information is available from The Leslie Sell Charitable Trust:

SHQ Grants

SHQ Grants

New Scouts Scotland Grants Programme

Scouts Scotland is really pleased to announce the new Scouts Scotland Grants Programme to support local Scouting in Scotland. Earlier this year the Scottish Board agreed an exciting series of projects funded by legacies, including a new grants programme for local Scouting. The new programme brings together all of the existing grants that they offer, along with a few new ones, making Scouts Scotland funding more accessible and easier to apply for.

Quick and easy applications

The new programmes range from support for Scouting in areas of deprivation to travel bursaries to access their Scout Adventures Centres across Scotland. They have also created a new application process, which is much more straightforward and quicker to complete – saving you time and making it easier for Scottish members to apply for financial support.

Putting the strategy into practice

Moray Macdonald, Chair of the Scottish Board said: “Our aim is to grow Scouting and make it more inclusive. The commitment of the Board to support this work at a local level means we can put the strategy into practice in every community across Scotland, making sure everyone has the opportunity to be part of Scouting and develop skills for life.”

SHQ can now provide funding for a range of projects, including:

  • support to help Groups with the cost of updating to the new Scout brand
  • travel fund to allow more young people to access Scout Adventures Centres in Scotland
  • support for young people with additional needs
  • new section start-up grants and support for innovative projects that will lead to growth
  • greater inclusion
  • volunteer development.

Click here for all the information you need to apply for a grant from SHQ.

Lyburn Fund

Lyburn Fund

Are you going abroad with your Scouts or Explorers?

If you are, you can apply for support from the Lyburn Fund.

See below two trips that recently benefited from the fund.

The Lyburn Fund exists to support certain activities within the Scout and Explorer Scout Sections. These are: International Camps (excluding World Jamborees) outside the UK or Outward Bound Courses or equivalent.

The grant is a maximum of £50 per young person and only one application may ever be made for a young person. A Group or District can only make one application in any financial year. The maximum amount that can be awarded to a Group or District in any financial year is £1,000. Because of these limits, some groups apply for 20 of the older members of the group and then – informally – share the £1,000 across all the members by paying for group activities.

The application will be approved by the Regional Commissioner and the Chair of the Regional Executive Committee.

Following the event, it is a requirement that a report regarding the event is submitted to the Regional Office. This should identify what the event achieved. Failure to submit a report will result in no further grant applications being approved. All applications must be accompanied by the most recent AGM approved accounts of either the Group or the District. All applications will be assessed on the basis of financial need.

Application forms are available from the Regional Office, 71 Bonaly Road, Edinburgh, EH13 0PB, either telephone 0131 441 1878 or e-mail info@sesscouts.org.uk or download the new application form.

Margery Naylor

Danish National Jamboree 2017

James Sievewright, leader of the trip for the 4th Braid, 103rd Braid and Greenbank Explorers, writes:

We would like to thank the William Lyburn fund for the grant we received.
Knowing we had received the grant gave us an important contingency fund against unexpected events, particularly uncertainty caused by the volatility of the exchange rate during the period before the trip.  In the end we were also able to also use the grant specifically to pay for extras which greatly enhanced to overall trip for the young people who took part.

See full report.

Buitzenzorg, Holland 2016

The 15th Edinburgh North East Troop went to Buitenzorg in July 2016 and had a great time. Michael Halcrow, Scout Leader, wrote:

I would like to thank Lyburn for the money. It was used specifically for the water theme park and the Amsterdam Arena trips and allowed us to greatly enhance our visit.

Abseil Falkirk Wheel and raise funds

Abseil Falkirk Wheel and raise funds

Your chance to abseil off the Falkirk Wheelhave you got the nerve?

Are you brave enough to abseil down Scotland’s iconic Falkirk Wheel and raise money for Scouting?  If so, join Scouts Scotland on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 April.  It’s a great way of fundraising for international trips or for day to day running costs for your group. There are 40 places available on the Saturday and 60 available on the Sunday.

For each participant there is a £30 registration to pay. You are then asked to confirm your commitment to raising a minimum of £150. Of this, minimum sponsorship of £50 goes to Scout Scotland and everything else goes towards either your individual international Scout trips or for your Groups / Districts.

With past experience of running such events, on average individuals raise between £200 and £450 each. So far there are 10 participants from 2 groups in North Angus taking part and they have opted to raise money for their summer trip to Ireland. If they hit their fundraising targets(taken from their individual fundraising pages) they look set to raise between £4,000 and £5,000 for their group.

If you are interested, the link to sign up can be found here or contact Ally Caulfield at Ally@scouts.scot.

Bonaly Assistants – Explorers

You can still be a Bonaly Assistant Instructor!

High ropes course at Bonaly

High ropes course at Bonaly

What is the Bonaly Assistants project?

It will enable Explorer Scouts (including Young Leaders) to train to be Assistant Instructors and receive a Bonaly permit in a number of activities:

  • Archery
  • Bushcraft
  • Mountain Boarding
  • Orienteering
  • Low Ropes
  • Climbing Wall
  • High Ropes
  • Axe-throwing

You can choose the activities that suit you best – for instance: Low Ropes, Archery and Orienteering.  Training for some activities will take longer than others.

Flying on the rope at Bonaly

Flying on the rope


Where and when?

Training has started at Bonaly and will run till June. There is no charge as we have received funding from the Scottish Development Fund.  You will have to attend on different days depending on what activities you choose. Sundays till 26 March are already booked, from 10:00 to 16:00 each day, and a detailed timetable will be available to those involved.

If you would like to join in, please SIGN UP NOW and we shall be in touch.

What training is provided?

  • Practical training, mainly outdoors;
  • Theoretical training, mainly indoors.

You will train to help with Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and other ‘clients’ in your chosen activities, and also do some more general training including First Aid and how to work with younger sections.


We will ask for feedback after every training day, to help us improve on what we provide.

Mountain boarding at Bonaly Outdoor Centre

Mountain boarding at Bonaly

What is expected of you

To do the training

You must commit to train for each activity you choose:

  1. Attend relevant training sessions.
  2. Gain experience at Bonaly as an Assistant Instructor with client groups until the Adult Instructor in charge is ready to assess you and ‘sign you off’.
  3. You will then be awarded a Bonaly permit in the activity.

You must provide/arrange:

  • Suitable warm and waterproof outdoor clothing (see kit list)
  • Packed lunch (hot drinks and biscuits etc will be provided)
  • Transport to and from Bonaly.  It is hoped families will be able to cooperate to help with this.

When you have your permit

You will be expected to help at Bonaly as a volunteer Assistant on a regular basis, though you will always be able to choose when and give priority to exam commitments etc.  You will be able to help at weekends, in the evening or during school holidays.

Fun and teamwork at Bonaly

Fun and teamwork at Bonaly

Where to next?

When you have a Bonaly permit, you can work to achieve an adult instructor qualification.  How this happens and what age you must be depends on the activity, but there may well be some support available to help you fund this.

Enjoying archery at Bonaly

Archery at Bonaly


  • Your training could count as the Skill section of DofE, though this should be discussed in advance.
  • Acting as an Assistant Instructor would allow you to cover the first two sections of the  Activity Centre Service Badge and the Bonaly staff would be happy to help with section 3.
  • Acting as an Assistant Instructor would count for section 3 of the Leadership Activity Badge.

Balancing at Bonaly

Balancing on the platform

How to apply

  • Apply here and give us your basic details.
  • We will contact you with further information
  • You will complete an application form and sign up for the training dates you require.