Environmental project for Explorers

Environmental project for Explorers

Take part in an international study

Looking for a programme idea?  Your Explorer Unit could take part in a study of environmental attitudes and behaviour, run by Athina Georgiou Shippi, a PhD student at Edinburgh University.  She will visit your Explorer Unit and get the Explorers “to join in a number of activities which are both fun and interesting as well as providing me with data. Thus, you could support this study by allowing me to carry out these activities, ideally within a normal meeting. Please note that all information collected during the activities will remain anonymous.”

Athina has already started her visiting and the project is scheduled to run between June and October.

Two documents are attached, one for leaders, and one for Explorers.  For further details, please contact Athina using e-mail: S1226472@sms.ed.ac.uk .

Non Member Children Insurance

Non Member Children Insurance

Non-member children Public Liability and Personal Accident insurance

South East Scotland Region has purchased the above policies on behalf of all Districts and Groups.  These will be renewed annually.

This is a scheme for children (under 18 years old) who are not Members of The Scout Association, but who attend, or take part in, weekly meetings or events because they are accompanying their parent(s), or with other adults. This can also cover crêches opened by groups.  The types of cover included are public liability and personal accident insurance.
If you require further information then please email regionalsecretary@sesscouts.org.uk for copies of the policies.

Regional Explorer Camp 14-16 Sep

Regional Explorer Camp 14-16 Sep

Camp includes M&D’s Theme Park

The camp is for Explorers and Young Leaders from all Districts in our Region, even if their leader(s) cannot attend. It will take place from Friday 14 to Sunday 16 September 2018.  This is a holiday weekend in most areas. Details of the full camp programme are being decided by Explorers and Leaders.

Outline details

  • At The Barrwood Campsite, Forth Region – highly recommended by those who have visited it
  • Saturday visit to M&D’s Theme Park, Motherwell
  • Fri evening, Sat evening and Sunday offer many activities on site
  • Water activities on Sunday morning
  • Chance to bivvy out overnight, counting for Zodiac Award
  • Cost £40 per head
  • You can still join in, but let us know as soon as possible.
  • Ideas still welcome
  • Contact John Buchanan explorers@sesscouts.org.uk

This is a chance to meet Explorers from other part of the Region and have fun.


Manage free time safely

Manage free time safely

Managing Free Time Activities Safely (FS120340)

This new Factsheet offers advice relevant to all Scouting activities.  The background is explained here:

A large number of incidents occur when members are undertaking free time activities, this could be a break in the normal section programme or time before bed on a camp. This guidance is designed to provide leaders with some suggestions of how to manage these activities in order to reduce the potential for incidents and injuries.

See the Factsheet for full details, and useful links.


SHQ Grants

SHQ Grants

New Scouts Scotland Grants Programme

Scouts Scotland is really pleased to announce the new Scouts Scotland Grants Programme to support local Scouting in Scotland. Earlier this year the Scottish Board agreed an exciting series of projects funded by legacies, including a new grants programme for local Scouting. The new programme brings together all of the existing grants that they offer, along with a few new ones, making Scouts Scotland funding more accessible and easier to apply for.

Quick and easy applications

The new programmes range from support for Scouting in areas of deprivation to travel bursaries to access their Scout Adventures Centres across Scotland. They have also created a new application process, which is much more straightforward and quicker to complete – saving you time and making it easier for Scottish members to apply for financial support.

Putting the strategy into practice

Moray Macdonald, Chair of the Scottish Board said: “Our aim is to grow Scouting and make it more inclusive. The commitment of the Board to support this work at a local level means we can put the strategy into practice in every community across Scotland, making sure everyone has the opportunity to be part of Scouting and develop skills for life.”

SHQ can now provide funding for a range of projects, including:

  • support to help Groups with the cost of updating to the new Scout brand
  • travel fund to allow more young people to access Scout Adventures Centres in Scotland
  • support for young people with additional needs
  • new section start-up grants and support for innovative projects that will lead to growth
  • greater inclusion
  • volunteer development.

Click here for all the information you need to apply for a grant from SHQ.

In Touch

In Touch

Are you keeping in touch?

Do you know about the InTouch system?

It is important that there are communication systems in place throughout all Scouting activities, allowing leaders to contact parents/carers and parents/carers to contact leaders. This is done through having an InTouch system in place, a system designed to be flexible and suit the needs of your activity, from a section meeting through to summer camp and trips aboard.

We used to have the Home Contact system, but now that (almost) everyone has mobiles, we can use them to keep in touch with everyone.

The Factsheet FS120075 includes a step-by-step approach guiding you through the process of setting up an InTouch system as well as further guidance on areas and issues to look at within this and suggestions on how these can be managed.

Key questions to ask yourself and your leadership team

  • How will you and the other leaders hold the details of all those taking part in an event, and the contact details of their parents/next of kin, so that they can be accessed as required?
  • What contact details of the leader or leadership team will you give to the parents?
  • What advice or guidelines will be given to parents as to the how to contact the event and when / why communication is expected or appropriate?

Please read the Factsheet to understand how the system works. It really is important to have one in place!

And let’s hope you will never need to contact your Commissioner or their designate in the case of an emergency (as per POR Chapter 7 – Emergency Procedures) at any point during your events.

Margery Naylor, Regional Commissioner, South East Scotland