Can you help our Lead Volunteer complete #OutdoorIn24

Can you help our Lead Volunteer complete #OutdoorIn24

As we get into summer and the weather (hopefully!) improves, many sections are taking the opportunity to spend more time outdoors and perhaps work towards the Outdoor in 24 Challenge. 

Outdoor in 24 is an initiative by the Scouts to encourage young people to spend more time outdoors throughout 2024. Whether it’s for a single meeting, a Night Away event, or taking on the Outdoor in 24 challenge, the goal is to get Scouts outside and trying something new in nature. 

The challenge involves completing a list of 24 exciting outdoor activities throughout the year, all aiming to get Scouts outside and engaged in outdoor activities. The Scouts have suggested a possible list of activities but this can be adapted for different ages, abilities, and locations as well as to incorporate activity ideas that young people might suggest. All those who complete the challenge can earn the Outdoor in 24 badge.

And it isn’t just young people who can take part in the challenge so I am looking for your help so that I can complete the Outdoor in 24 Challenge and earn my own badge. 

I am grateful to Pentland District and 7th Braid Scout Group who have got me off to a good start but if you have an event coming up that will allow me to complete another challenge or you have a suggestion for what I should include in the remaining empty challenge slots I would love to hear from you. You can contact me at

You can see my Outdoor in 24 Challenge list here and I will endeavour to keep it updated as the year progresses. Also look out for details coming soon on how you can join me for a special challenge later in the year!   

If you haven’t yet started your own Outdoor in 24 Challenge it’s not too late to join in. So, whether it’s stargazing, paddle-boarding, or visiting a local farm, embrace the adventure and make the most of nature this year.

You can find ideas as well as support and resources here.