Volunteer Opportunity – Edinburgh Tattoo 2024

Volunteer Opportunity – Edinburgh Tattoo 2024


The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo is the most spectacular show in the world, enjoyed by an international television audience of 100 million.

But there’s no substitute for being there, as part of the 217,000-strong audience over its three-week season at Edinburgh Castle. As a member of Scouting you can become part of it.

The Scout Association in Edinburgh has been part of this fantastic experience since the first Tattoo in 1950 and you could be part of its magic!

We are looking for enthusiastic and confident Explorer Scouts to be part of the sales team to sell programmes on the stands at the Castle Esplanade to the Tattoo’s home and international audience as they go to their seats.

You will need to be available for about five or six nights between 1st & 24th August 2024.

You will be on duty from 7.15pm until approximately 9.45pm on weeknights and from 4.45pm until 9.45pm on a Saturday.

Explorers can possibly use the event to complete sections of their badge work or towards a section of their Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.

If you are interested, then please complete the form below and return it by email to sue.timmins@sesscouts.org.uk by 19th June 2024.

For further information please contact Sue Liddle 07954 386571.

Volunteer Application Form
Windsor Day of Celebration and Achievement 2024

Windsor Day of Celebration and Achievement 2024

South East Scotland member, Pippa Skinner recently travelled down to Windsor to take part in the Day of Celebration and Achievement with 400 other scouts from across the United Kingdom.

The day itself is an opportunity for The Scout Association to celebrate and highlight the outstanding commitment and achievement of our King’s Scouts, Gallantry and Meritorious award recipients and adult volunteers. We caught up with Pippa to find out more about the journey that started in 2015 and culminated with receiving her King’s Scout Award in 2024.

On 21st April, I was part of the Scottish contingent attending the Day of Celebration and Achievement at Windsor Castle to be awarded my King’s Scout Award.

My journey to Windsor began in 2015 when I joined 122nd Craigalmond (Comely Bank) Scout Troop. With the support of my Scout Leader, Graham Scrimgeour, and the 122nd leadership team, I took part in many activities over my 4 years in the troop. Highlights included going to a Danish Jamboree in 2017, camping (generally in the rain), abseiling, hiking and sailing at Lochgoilhead. With the encouragement of my Group Lead Volunteer, Graeme Robertson, I attended the World Scout Jamboree in West Virginia in 2019, which really gave me the appetite to achieve my King’s Scout Award.

Moving up to the Pink Panther Explorer Unit, this opened up new opportunities to continue ticking off the stages for KSA. This included several novel and exciting activities created by Pink Panther Explorer Unit Leader, Fraser Dunmore including camps at Canty Bay and Weymss Firs, while also completing my expeditions and leadership challenges. This all culminated in camping in Finland for 2 weeks in 2022.

My day at Windsor began by meeting other King’s Scout Award holders, which reminded me of the friendships I’ve made across the wider Scouting community and the challenges we have shared in achieving our awards. As the Scottish contingent led the 400 other awardees onto the Quadrangle at Windsor Castle, the sense of occasion and our shared experiences really hit home.

It’s at this point I realised the contribution Scout Leaders make in our development, and particularly the impact Graham, Graeme and Fraser had in developing my #SkillsForLife.

For anyone wondering if they should take on this challenge themselves and become a King’s Scout, I’d say, Just go for it and take advantage of all the opportunities you are offered. It’s all so much easier than you think, and you’ll be proud of what you achieve.

I am now at the University of Exeter, and these skills made my move much easier and helped me to develop new connections and friendships.

Everyone here at South East Scotland Scouts are immensely proud of Pippa and all of the Young People who have worked so hard and achieved so much.

While congratulating Pippa, Fraser Dunmore, Pink Panthers Explorer Scout Unit Leader stated that Pippas’ “proactive approach to seizing every opportunity has resulted in an incredible journey. The life skills you’ve gained are invaluable”. Fraser continued by encouraging “all Explorers and Network members to embrace Scouting opportunities and pursue the King Scout Award challenge!”

122nd Craigalmond (Comley Bank) Group Lead Volunteer, Graeme Robertson noted that “Pippa is the first former Scout from the Comely Bank Scouts in living memory to have achieved the top award in Scouting.  It has been an absolute delight to see her grow from a timid young Scout to a confident young adult, and we were lucky to welcome her back as a Young Leader with our Troop, while she was completing the service elements of her King’s Scout Award.

I often talk to others (both within and outwith Scouting) about Pippa being a shining example of the opportunities Scouting can offer to young people, and the fantastic outcomes that Scouting can help them achieve. It has been both a privilege and a pleasure to have played a small part in supporting her progress through Scouting.”

Chief Scout, Bear Grylls OBE stated that “Our King’s Scouts make us all so proud. They’ve shown the courage, the kindness and the commitment to tackle anything in life, helping others and serving their communities. Not just of this great movement, but of our country too”

Windsor – Take Centre Stage

If, like Pippa, you’ve gained your Queen’s Scout Award or King’s Scout Award why not Take Centre Stage at Windsor Castle?

Each year, we recruit young people and adults to take a leading role in our annual Day of Celebration and Achievement at Windsor Castle.

We’re looking for enthusiastic people who’ll take on lots of exciting and challenging roles at the event. These volunteers make the experience enjoyable for everyone who attends.

The Team of Ten includes six members of the Colour Party, who march with the flags throughout the day, and four members of the Service Planning and Delivery Team, who deliver the National Scout Service in St George’s Chapel.

If you want to find out more or apply for 2025, please click here. The deadline to apply is 31 July 2024.

Squirrels Information Session: Sunday 9th June

Squirrels Information Session: Sunday 9th June

Thinking about opening a Squirrels Drey or just want to find out more? South East Scotland are hosting a Squirrel information session at Bonaly Scout Centre on Sunday 9th June from 3pm-5pm. Come along and hear from the Early Year’s team on what Squirrels is all about including:

  • How Squirrels began and what Squirrels looks like now
  • Some learning from Squirrels leader, offering some guidance on what to think about
  • The support available when you are ready to start
  • Bust some myths we’ve heard about Squirrels

It’s also a great opportunity to ask any burning questions you might have about the newest section to Scouting! We are hoping to have some local Squirrel Leaders coming along to share their experiences of opening and running a drey.

If you are interested in coming along to the event, please fill out the link below to register your details.

Register here

If you have any questions about the event, you can contact Neil Hogg (Regional Squirrel Advisor) – neil.hogg@sesscouts.org.uk

Duke of Edinburgh Award: Bronze Expedition August 2022

Duke of Edinburgh Award: Bronze Expedition August 2022


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Scouting is designed to be flexible to support all young people to take part, achieve and reach their full potential. That is also true of the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Recently, this approach to ensuring all our young people reach their potential was superbly demonstrated when a group of Explorers from Braid and Craigalmond, including some with additional support needs, completed their two-day DofE Bronze Expedition Qualifier in the Pentlands.

At the start of the Expedition, the Explorers agreed that their main “aim” would be to “work together to help achieve their objective of completing the expedition” and it was great to see each member of the group overcome specific challenges and/or support other members of the group, especially when things got difficult. As the Expedition progressed, the group got to know each other better and adapted how they could support each other. The Leader team were hugely impressed with their positive attitude, physical strength, and collective approach to completing the expedition. A highlight was when the group were on the final leg, singing together, knowing they had achieved something special.

Congratulations to Euan, Jack, Kyla, Lennox and Rona on completing your Bronze Expedition and a huge thanks to Lois for your brilliant support during the two days.

Thanks to the Leader Team (Mike, Hector and Donald) and our Assessor (Neil) for your support and to the SEEE Team for their guidance.

Mike Treanor
Leader in Charge

Why not read about the other Regional Expeditions over the summer.

Volunteer opportunity available

If you enjoy reading this then please get in touch to find out how you can become an adult volunteer. It’s so rewarding for you in so many ways. You’ll only know if you try. You can work directly with the young people or more behind the scenes in whatever flexible role suits you in time, skill and space. You don’t have to have had any prior Scouting experience, you just need to want to do good, and help others.  If you believe in this as a set of values then this is a great opportunity for you. What’s not to like!  Please email us for an informal, no obligation, chat. 

Volunteers needed for SEEE

Volunteers needed for SEEE

  • We are looking for adult Volunteers to help with Expedition Training (outdoors) and on Expeditions.  The leaders-in-charge are in place, so what we are looking for is offers of help, whether for one day or for a whole expedition.  If you have not received a request, contact us on enquiries@see-expeditions.org.uk.
  • Explorers should have heard about Silver and Gold expeditions and be replying to our messages.  The first training session, on Zoom, is on 6 March, followed by a face-to-face day on either 12 or 13 March, then another to be arranged with groups.  If in doubt, contact enquiries@see-expeditions.org.uk.
  • Most Bronze expeditions are being run locally by Units or Districts.  Those who have not heard yet should get a message very soon.  If your local leader cannot help, get in touch with enquiries@see-expeditions.org.uk.

The SEEE Team

Explorers are 20!

Explorers are 20!

This is the 20th anniversary year of the creation of the Explorer section.  Explorer Scouts (14-18) are at an incredibly dynamic phase of their lives, and we are fortunate to have so many leaders across our Region who have the energy and skills to provide the stimulation required to cater for their needs.   

Explorer Units do meet in their halls, but more often they are out and about, whether for traditional adventurous activities, games like ‘Where’s Wally’, or an informal ‘Chippy Challenge’.   They do lots of exciting things together.  Here are some of them.

Explorer Belt in Iceland

Camps, expeditions, activities of all sorts, including hikes like the West Highland Way, climbing, watersports, cycling … 

Blair Atholl Jamborette, World Scout Jamboree, Explorer Belt, trips to Europe, Africa and Asia 

DofE, Chief Scout’s and Queen’s Scout, Young Leader Belt.

Fund raising, sleepouts, litter picking, environmental projects, First Aid training, Remembrance Day … 

Helping the younger sections, doing training modules and missions on the way 

Parties, rowdy games, ceilidhs, campfires, challenges … 

What Explorers have to say:

Wildfire ESU (Balerno) asked their Explorers: “How has being an Explorer shaped your life?”  Their comments were very positive: ‘people’ and ‘skills’ featured strongly, as did ‘new’ and ‘fun’.  

New things:

New friends: those I would not have met, and those now at different schools who I can keep in touch with 

New skills: knots, navigation, using an axe, teamwork, leadership … 

New activities: canoe, kayak, expeditions, hikes, lots of camps … 

New role: Young Leader 


A fun way to learn new skills and take part in fun activities 

Overnight hikes gave me a really fun experience  

An outlet to relax and enjoy myself every week 

A few general comments:

Not only has Explorers enabled me to travel over the world but also to prepare me for life with social skills!  

I have met so many new people who are now some of my best friends, they have taught me a lot. Explorers has taught me not only personal skills like confidence and determination but also physical skills like knot tying and canoe riding

It allows me to hang out with my older brother without him being embarrassed by me.  

See what Explorers get up to!

Images included camps, canoeing, ceilidh, charity sleepout, climbing, Explorer belt in Iceland, First aid, investitures, kayaks, Lochgoilhead, map reading, pioneering, QSA, wet hike, wild camping, winter fun and Young leader Cubs class!

Reflecting on their summer camp, they said: 

What I enjoyed at camp 

  • Singing around the campfire 
  • Talking to people I wouldn’t normally talk to 
  • Dancing to music with friends 
  • Stargazing at night and seeing a shooting star 
  • Messing around in the river 
  • Lochy’s dramatic readings at the campfires 
  • Seeing a peregrine falcon was cool 
  • Learning to build a rope bridge was epic 
  • Being given more responsibility and trust by the leaders 
  • Freedom, and getting to choose what to do 

What I learned at camp 

  • How to chop wood 
  • How to tie a square lashing 
  • How to light a fire 
  • To eat what I was given 
  • Lots of new card games 
  • Lots of new camp songs 
  • Confidence in starting campfire songs 
  • How to coordinate in a team when making meals 
  • How to empty a canoe full of water 
  • Irn Bru chicken doesn’t taste that good 

Currently on offer

Apart from the ‘normal’ local programme, the following are live projects right now for SE Scotland Region Explorers:


Some readers may be surprised to see that a lot of these are the same things that they enjoyed, but, actually, young people are much the same now as they have always been – we just live in a different world.  The challenge for us, as adults in Scouting, is to create the environment where they can learn, develop and make friends while having fun.  That depends on leaders.   

Here are some comments from leaders who were asked: “How has being a leader in Explorers shaped your life?” 

  • Keeps my mind busy, gets me outside, gives an expectation to learn and share skills.  Explorers and Scouting are a big part of my whole family’s life. 
  • It has provided an outlet for creativity and organisation, has brought me into contact with lots of young people, has provided a reason to upskill in outdoor activities and has been an enormous amount of fun. 
  • I have done many things that I simply would not have done if not an Explorer Leader. I have enjoyed tramping the Pentland Hills in the middle of the night, rolling kayaks in the local swimming pool, and summer camps. It keeps me active both physically and mentally and engaged with the younger generation. 
  • I’m pretty new as a leader in Explorers, though Cub leader for a number of years.  For me, though, it is about giving teenagers opportunities to do new things in a safe environment, and to form great bonds with others forged through those experiences.  The values of scouting are also those that will stand in good stead throughout life and in that sense as a leader we can have a lifelong positive impact on Explorers. 

Explorer leaders come in all shapes and sizes, and from a wide range of backgrounds.  Some are new to Scouting, some are parents, many have already been leaders with younger sections.  Could you offer some time to help with an Explorer Unit?  It could be as a leader or helper, but also as a skills instructor, DofE leader or administrator.  If at all interested, get in touch with your local Unit, or contact me directly. 

John Buchanan  explorers@sesscouts.org.uk