An Update From Kirsty Ireland, Regional Advisor – Explorer Scout Young Leaders

ESYL badge

As you may be aware the Young Leader (YL) scheme has recently started undergoing some changes including the release of new Explorer Scout YL (ESYL) logbooks. We are excited to announce that the new ESYL Logbooks are now available to purchase from the Scout Shop.

To facilitate the transition from the existing YL training scheme to the new one and avoid any negative impact on our invaluable YLs there will be a phasing in period. The inclusion of the new Module J – “Communicate it” will be phased in and, up until May 2019, any existing ESYLs will not be required to complete this module. After this time this module should be included in the training as a requirement for the completion of the scheme and award of the ESYL belt.

More information on the updated ESYL scheme can be found at:,98&moduleID=10 or by contacting

A huge thank you to everyone in the region who continues to help and support our invaluable ESYLs.