Some of the Cubs in West Linton deserve congratulations having completed their Chief Scout Silver Awards!

Despite a large drop of snow the night before, West Linton Cubs and their Leaders were determined to enjoy their end-of-term bonfire.

Cubs and Leader around a bonfire

Cubs and Leaders from West Linton celebrate with a bonfire!


Linda Gray, the Cub Leader in West Linton, was delighted to welcome new Cubs to the pack, and it was definitely an investiture to remember.  The Cubs toasted marshmallows and hunted for chocolate eggs to take home.

New Cubs being invested

Linda welcomes new Cubs to the Pack


Linda said, “The weather was certainly against us but the verdict from the Cubs and parents was that it was a really good evening and I do think the Cubs were adequately dressed for the conditions.  Mind you the snowball fights at the start of the evening seemed to make everyone’s gloves a bit damp from the outset.  I’ve never been at a bonfire surrounded by snow before – there’s a first time for everything!”

One of our acting Regional Commissioners, Diane Marshall, attended the event to present Cubs with their Chief Scout’s Silver Awards.

Diane presents Chief Scout's Silver Awards

Diane Marshall awards the amazing efforts of six of the Cubs with their Chief Scout’s Silver Award


Diane asked the Cubs what they enjoyed most about being in Cubs and they all agreed – “having fun”, “making friends” and “doing cool stuff” were most important of all.  Diane said that “the skills we learn in Scouting are so important and stay with us for life – all of the Cubs should be very proud of their achievements”.


West Linton Cubs with Chief Scout's Silver Awards

Congratulations to all the Cubs who achieved their Chief Scout’s Silver Award!