Do you enjoy meeting and helping people? Are you passionate about seeing good-quality Scouting? Could you be the support an adult new to Scouting is looking for?

Could you assist new leaders to go through their training? We need more Training Advisers to support new leaders to get their Wood Badge. If you like working with adults you could be just right for this role in Scouting! You would not have to train new leaders yourself – you would meet them regularly and explain what the training process involves.

Young people are the reason we are all in Scouting. We all want to be sure that young people enjoy the best of what Scouting has to offer. High quality leadership is the key to achieving this. As you know, leaders are provided with support and training to ensure they have the knowledge, skills and inspiration to pass on. Training Advisors (TAs) have a key vital role in this.

Could you support a new adult in Scouting?

The Training Adviser role can be as large or small as you like. You can choose how many learners you are able to support; this may be as few as one at a time. This makes it possible to have other roles in Scouting. There is also flexibility in the time you give; rather than a weekly commitment, you support your learner as and when needed, at a convenient time and place for you both.

TAs need time, experience of Scouting and the ability to empathise with the leaders with whom they are to work.

Appointment of TAs is a District and Region responsibility, so your appointment as TA will be endorsed by the Advisory Appointments Committee and you will need to complete Module 25. This appointment will then appear on Compass. Module 25 courses are shown on the Regional Training calendar:

TAs also check if leaders understand and can put into practice what they have learnt. This is called validation and it is an important component of our adult training. The challenge for us all in the Region is to ensure that TAs are consistent in their validation while, at the same time, taking into account the individual strengths and needs of each leader. To assist TAs already working with leaders, there are workshops which tackle the evidence and consistency questions.  These will be held in different venues across the Region during September and October to ensure the that TAs are supported in their role and are also shown on the Regional Training calendar.

If you are interested please talk to your GSL, or your Assistant District Commissioner, Adult Training, or contact Margery Naylor, the Regional Commissioner, on

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