Graham Carrington, our Acting Regional Adviser, International, is looking for someone to take over this role. We really appreciate all the hard work he has put in for our Region in 2019 – but now we need to find our own Regional Adviser, International.

Graham says “This summer there are four camps from SES Scouts going abroad, containing 127 members, for a grand total of 1346 nights away. Additionally there are another two trips in October and two already planned for 2020. That’s great news and I’m proud that as the Acting RA International for South East Scotland Scouts, I was able to help these camps go ahead.

 And now it’s time for someone from within the Region to step up and take on the role so that even more young people can go abroad next year.

From my point of view, trip leaders from your Region have engaged in a really positive manner with me in making sure that the trips abroad were properly prepared. And once those leaders who didn’t know the process had it explained why I was involved and how I would support them, they really got on with what they had to do. The DCs who are responsible for those areas also took on board what they needed to do and did it well.

For me the real plus to the role of Regional Adviser International is that as a leader in my own Region, I can run trip that takes 30(ish) people away once every few years. This summer whilst Acting as Advisor for South East Scotland, I’ve enabled 127 people to experience the magic of international Scouting – and that doesn’t include the non-quantifiable elements such as supporting leaders”

Graham Carrington, Acting Regional Adviser, International, and Visits Abroad Coordinator – International Support Team, SHQ International Team. 


Could you be our RA International?


Please do think seriously about whether you could help – it’s not like running a section every week.

It’s about helping the leaders who are organising international trips to understand what they need to know and do. It’s our responsibility as a Region to have an Adviser who can make sure that all out trips abroad are run safely and sensibly.

We are enormously grateful to Graham for filling the gap this year when we have had no one to take on this responsibility. But we cannot go on relying on him to support us. We need to find someone who has the experience and competence to help our leaders when they are taking young people abroad.

There is excellent advice on the Scouts Scotland website, but even better, Graham will answer any questions you may have and give advice and support.

Please check out the role description: . 

So please do think about whether you could take on this vital role to ensure our young people get a quality experience in Scouting. Please drop me a line at and we can have a chat about it.

Margery Naylor, Regional Commissioner, South East Scotland Scouts