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Developing Scouting across the Region

Development in SE Region

Scouting continues to offer young people the opportunity to have fun, take Recruiting volunteerspart in new and adventurous activities, to make friends and to grow and develop with the help and support of adult volunteer leaders. In South East Scotland Region more young people are having the opportunity to Join the Adventure. There has been seven years of steady growth in youth and adult membership. This means that we are reaching parts of the Region where Scouting was not previously available. Development work is challenging and needs significant planning and a bit of hard work. The Region was been supported for 5 years by a Local Development Officer. The work done during that period has been captured in an end-of-project report and a significant amount of support material to help local Groups and Sections recruit, retain and redeploy adult volunteers. There is also material to help with the recruitment of young people of all ages. Although the Development Officer has moved on, District Commissioners are increasingly appointing a volunteer to support local development. If any Group, Unit or District would like help or support with development work in their area, please e-mail or phone the Regional office on 0131 441 1878.