Craigalmond and Pentland Districts both recently held their District Flags and have crowned the winners!

Pentland held their event at Bonaly and competed in good spirits, with all patrols working well together, smiling (most of the time) and having fun. The Leaders had to be strict with some of the inspections, but all of their feedback was aimed to be constructive and they were pleased to see this being taken on board and seeing improvements from all Patrols as the weekend continued. It was also great to see everyone working as a team with younger Scouts learning from their more experienced team members. The Scouts showed great cooking skills so the pampered Leaders were certainly well fed.

Pentland 2017 District Flag Winners

The 9th Pentland Patrol – winners of the 2017 Pentland District Flag

In the end, the 9th Pentland won the event, having swapped the lead several times with the 98th Pentland (last year’s winners), their scores never being more than 5 points apart. The gap was so close going into the final event (orienteering), that we decided that it should be settled on that event. The 9th won that by 6 points to 5, so it couldn’t have been any closer.

Craigalmond District held their competition at Nineacres Campsite which was won by a Patrol from the 88th Craigalmond.