There are a number of opportunities for leaders to try something different.

If you are aged under 30 years and an adult leader or a Networker then you might be interested in signing up help with or lead one of the projects listed below.

The Jacob's Ladder at our Bonaly Activity Centre.

 Whether you want to gain an activity permit or take the lead on a project, we have an opportunity for you!

Bethany Sleep-out organising team – You can join Sam Dickinson and Kirsty Ireland who are working with Bethany to organise a sleep-out in Spring 2016

Sick Kids Hospital Group – this is Scouting with a difference. Each week a multi-section programme runs at the hospital for young people. Teams of 4 leaders and young leaders offer a range of activities. Teams are only required every 4-6 weeks. You can join a team as a leader or a helper. The young people consider this to be a highlight of their stay in hospital.

Top Awards Achievement Event – each summer, the Region recognises those who have gained one of the ES and Network top awards. The event has taken a variety of forms. If you are interested in planning the event for next year, this is your chance.

March Madness Follow up – during the event this year, the ESs let it be known what they would like to happen. Could you help make it happen for them? If so, sign up to join the planning team.

Activity Permits – there is a growing interest in permits for a range of activities and with the appointment of two full time staff based at Bonaly, there has been no better opportunity. Training is available and there is funding to support this. If you are interested, now is the time to put your head above the parapet!

Communications- lots of opportunities present themselves to join the growing and dynamic Comms team. Brian Morrison is in the lead and is happy to have anyone with an interest in photography, reporting, filming, or social media join him. Opportunities abound to go to unusual places and meet people doing unusual things!

Something Different – you may have a special project in mind. Something you would like to do but never got round to, or something you think Scouting could benefit from which has never come up before. Let us know and it might be possible to support your great idea.

Interested? E-mail for more information.