With recruitment now over for the post of ARC Youth Involvement we are preparing to appoint an ADC Youth Involvement in each District in the Region.

If we’re honest, youth involvement isn’t something new in Scouting.  It’s something we’ve been doing for over 100 years as we help develop leadership skills in young people of all ages.  It’s not easy though, and that’s where the new role of ADC Youth Involvement comes in – they’re the person in your District who you can turn to when you’re not sure how to get the young people in your section or group involved in decision making.

ScotShape attendees

Representatives from across the Region at ScotShape


The ADC Youth Involvement will be supported by the ARC Youth Involvement and will be part of the District Team.  They’ll be expected to work with other members of the District Team to encourage young people to get involved in having their say in how Scouting is delivered to them, and also help adults in Scouting make the most of the amazing range of views and ideas voiced by our young people.

The ADC Youth Involvement will also be tasked with assembling a District Advisory Group for Youth Involvement which will be formed from young people interested in helping with youth involvement projects in their local area.

A role description along with a nomination form will be published shortly, but until then if you have any questions about the role or if you know someone who might be interested in taking it up in your District (even if it’s yourself) you can get in touch with Diane Marshall (Deputy RC for Events) who is supporting Districts in recruiting for this role.  You can reach her at events@sesscouts.org.uk.