Read on to see how we can support you in achieving this in 2020.

In late 2018, the Region formed a small team of Regional Assessors to support adult volunteers in Scouting gain their T1 and T2 hillwalking permits. 2019 was a great success in achieving this with 3 assessment days being run where 9 leaders gained their T1 permits and 2 gained their T2 permits. In addition, we granted an additional two T1 permits and one T2 permit to Leaders who hold their Hill and Moorland Leader (HML) and Summer Mountain Leader (ML) Awards respectively.

However, whilst this catered for the historic demand, we know from the level of enquires we have received that there is a lot of desire to take young people out onto the hills and adult volunteers are wanting support to get their T1/T2 permits.

Therefore, we have been recruiting additional Regional Advisors and are looking to offer both training and more assessment dates in 2020. In order to schedule these, we need to understand what the current demand is for training and/or assessments. Our broad plan is to run the training in Q1 and then run the assessments in both the Spring and Autumn.

Therefore, if you have already registered your interest; thank you. For those who haven’t then here’s what you need to do.

If you are wanting training prior to assessment, please complete the questionnaire to help us gauge what courses we need to deliver. In addition, if you are interested in improving your hillwalking skills for T0 territory with a view at a later stage to go for T1 and T2 and want training please complete the form.

If you are wanting to go straight to assessment, then please complete the permit application and send this with your log of hillwalking activity over the last two to three years and in addition for T2 permit requests a copy of your in-force outdoor first aid certificate.

For those who already hold a T1 or T2 please also follow one or both steps if you wish to

  • Have any restrictions removed from your current permit?
  • You hold a T1 permit and wish to go for your T2
  • You have a leadership permit (T1 or T2) and wish to upgrade from leadership to supervisory (which is necessary to remotely supervise a DofE expedition)

Please send all the relevant documentation to by 31 December 2019 so we can finalise numbers and announce our programme in the January newsletter.

Finally if you hold an in-force HML or ML award please complete the permit application form and send this with a copy of your certificate (& a copy of an up-to-date outdoor first aid certificate if you hold ML) so we can recommend to your DC to issue a T1 or T2 permit respectively from a technical competence basis.

Full details of the hillwalking schemes, relevant forms and information can be found here.

If you have any queries on this or any other aspect of the T1/T2 permits and assessment process please email