Edinburgh Monopoly 2023

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Featuring the Braid Young Leaders, Meadow Explorers and Tweedglen Explorers

On Saturday 25th March 2023 Braid Young Leaders, Meadow Explorers and Tweedglen Explorers joined with Explorers from Morpeth and Newcastle to take part in a live action Edinburgh Monopoly. The Challenge was a life-sized version of the popular game taking place in Edinburgh. We had to visit all the places on our Monopoly board, taking pictures around Edinburgh and answering questions to gain Monopoly money to win the game. The day began at Waverley Station at 1030 for a briefing by the organisers. We had 5 hours to buy, sell property and visit as many places as possible on the board!

Leaders had the opportunity to hand out  ‘Chance’ or ‘Community Chest’ cards. These ranged from adding money or taking money away. There were different challenges that they had to do to gain extra money from ‘best hair colour’, ‘best Piper’, Tardis, and ‘Photo of all off the ground’.

And we’re pleased to announce that we had a winning team! The team members were from Meadows and Braid Young Leaders – Feliks, Dylan, Mairi, Emily and River. Congrats and kudos to all.

And a HUGE thanks go  to the Leaders – Allison Gamble, Cheryl Turpie, Kirstin Worsley and Iain Turpie – for making this happen!

Quotes from some of the Explorers –  

“I liked the freedom we got from doing the Monopoly Run, we all had to help and get stuck in” Hayden – Braid Young Leaders 

“I found the experience great. It’s a great chance to meet new people from your area and outskirts. You get to explore new areas around the city, and it offers a challenging but exciting environment for the participants. Overall, I thought it was lots of fun and also allows you to use skills and experiences to map out routes and use your knowledge and understanding of a city.” Alex – Braid Young Leaders 

“The monopoly run was an amazing opportunity to explore the city and have fun. I was thrilled to win but I would have enjoyed it the same anyway thanks to my team. If anyone is considering doing any other similar activities I urge you to try it. You won’t regret it.” Dylan – Braid Young Leaders