Edinburgh North East AGM

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Congratulations to everyone at Edinburgh North East on their hard work and dedication.

District Commissioner, Rob Whitelaw, and Deputy District Commissioner, Bill Ramsay, would like to thank all the Edinburgh North East adult volunteers for their commitment over the past 12 months. And congratulate all leaders who have received service awards or wood badges over the past year. Here are a selection of presentations and general images from the recent AGM which was held at Greenside Church, Edinburgh, on Sunday 26th June 2022. 

If you’d like to get involved in Scouting as an adult volunteer with one of the Groups that make up the Edinburgh North East Scouts District please email Scouting Support Officer, Kirstie Armsworth. 

It was a busy night recognising achievements and thanking our volunteers for their contribution to Scouts. You are the shining lights that make Scouts possible in the Edinburgh North East Scouts District.

District Commissioner Rob was proud to present some of the below awards and sneak a few photos with some others key to the District:

Bar to the Silver Acorn
Colin MacDonald – 14th Northfield (Group Scout Leader)
Carol Mulvenna – 18th Portobello (Beaver Leader)
David Reid – 11th Broughton (Group Scout Leader)
Vince Ridd – ADC Adult Training
Silver Acorn
Ian Dunn – 104th Goldenacre (Scout Leader)
50 Years Service
Ian Nicolson – 15th Duddingston (Scout Leader)
40 Years Service
John Blaney – 15th Duddingston (Group Scout Leader)
20 Years Service
James Collins – Pilrig (Acting Group Scout Leader)
Scott Richards – District Explorers Scout Commissioner
10 Years Service 
Andrew Tully – 3rd Joppa (Beaver Leader)
Jack Caldwell – 154th Greenside (Cub Leader)
Michael Roberts – 64th Stockbridge (Scout Leader)
Stephen Irvine – 11th Broughton (Scout Leader)
5 Years Service
Martin Simpson – 104th Goldenacre (Group Executive Member)
Derek Hodge – 15th Duddingston (Section Asst – Cubs)
Savy Chim – Pilrig (Cub Leader)
Kirsty Lamb – 104th Goldenacre (Beaver Leader)
Andrew Tait – 18th Portobello (Scout Leader)
Angie McGreevy – 18th Portobello (Treasurer)
Lewis Rafferty – ENE District (District Executive Member)
Chief Scout’s Commendation
Harry Bonthrone – ENE District (District Treasurer)
Ann Campbell – 64th Stockbridge (Cub Leader)
Stuart Clark – 104th Goldenacre (Scout Leader)
Kirsty Dunn – 104th Goldenacre (Beaver Leader)
Louise Johnston – Pilrig (Beaver Leader)
Michael Maclean – ADC Scouts
Sarah Macleod – ADC Cubs
Ann Watson – 1st Wardie (Acting Group Scout Leader)
Commissioner’s Commendation
Edward Baker Grey – 7th Trinity (Beaver Leader)