In line with the Regional Constitution and Bylaws, members of the Regional Scout Council are to be elected to the Regional Executive Committee under rules as follows:

Elected members shall serve for a period of one year, taking office immediately after the Annual General Meeting at which their election is announced, and hold office until the conclusion of the next year’s Annual General Meeting.

Elected members should not include more than one member from any one District in the Region.

Election shall be by ballot of members of the Regional Scout Council.

Any eligible adult aged 18 or over, with his/her consent, may be nominated for election to the Executive Committee by any two members of the Regional Scout Council.

Nominations should be made to the Regional Secretary at South East Scotland Scouts, 71 Bonaly Road, Edinburgh EH13 0PB, or by e-mail at at least one month prior to the Annual General Meeting.  To enable any election required to take place we would seek all nominations by midnight on 27 August 2016.

Jane Ramage
Regional Secretary