We have received some great examples of how our Groups/Sections are engaging our young people to “Keep on Scouting” Please keep sending us your stories.

122nd Craigalmond Beaver Colony

Beaver Leader Andrew has put together a couple of ready-made programmes, along with guidance on how technology can be used to run virtual Beavers successfully. As you’ll see in this article,  feedback from both young people and parents has been hugely positive.  Definitely worth having a bash!

Cardrona Scout Group

Cheryl, Scout Leader at Cardrona Group in the Borders has been hosting virtual meetings with Beavers, Scouts and Explorers. This article provides some great tips on how to engage our young people.

114th Braid Castlelaw Cubs

Cub Leader Colin at the 114th Braid Castlelaw Cubs used Zoom to engage his Pack on the Communicator badge. The outline of what the Cubs were asked to do and the instruction template to join zoom are attached



85th Braid Scout Group

Scout Leader Natalie from the 85th Braid Scouts held a zoom meeting with 12 scouts who normally meet on a Thursday evening. She shared a presentation about badges they can work on at home and the Scouts then chatted between themselves for a bit and experimented about with background settings on zoom. The Leader team are now discussing having smaller patrol zoom meetings for a short period before all phoning in to the big Troop zoom meeting – so that smaller groups can engage easier and share their progress and what they’ve been up to over the week. 

Other Activities and Tips

The following are links to external websites which can provide activities for young people to do in the house. If you know of others please get in touch.

The Scout Association – Activity Badges

There are many badges that young people can do at home, this keeps them active and also keeps them working towards badges.

ScoutIN – The Great Indoors 100+ activities to do at home


How to be kind to yourself



Helpful Information for Executive Committees



Mike Treanor
Scouting Support Officer