Everything is better in pairs

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Celebrating #Twosday

David and Jacky Ingram

To celebrate #Twosday we are sharing a special story from one of our Group Scout Leaders – Jacky Ingram of the 25th Braid Scout Group. 

Everything is better in pairs!

“A new home, a new job and a new chapter in my Scouting started when I moved to Manchester to live with my fiancé, David, way back in 1989. As an Assistant Cub Scout Leader, I looked for a new pack to help and was rapidly welcomed into the 67th Manchester Pack. My fiancé was not involved in Scouting, despite having been a Scout, but that was all about to change. He was invited to come and help for an evening or two at the Scout Troop in the 67th by the local District Commissioner because the current leaders had left suddenly. It turned out he was not helping but running the Troop!

This led to a close relationship between our Cubs and Scouts – and the Beavers since the Beaver Leader was married to the Cub Leader. We were a happy and co-operative Group, who camped together and did many activities together. It was so helpful to have someone at home to bounce ideas off and plan camps with.

Scroll forward more than 30 years and I am happy to say that I married David, had two lovely boys and a happy marriage. We are both still involved in Scouting, supporting each other, growing and changing within the movement. We have changed location twice, changed Group twice and moved onto other roles, so we no longer belong to the same Group. Having someone at home, however, who understands the fun, the hard work and pleasure of Scouting is fantastic.

You never know what friends you will meet or what loved ones you will convince to join you in your Scouting life, so come and try it and bring a friend – things are always better in pairs!”

Come and try volunteering with Scouts:

  • * Did you know you do not need to have had any prior Scouting experience to be an adult volunteer with Scouts?
  • * Did you also know that we have hundreds of volunteering vacancies available across the South East of Scotland – East Lothian, Midlothian, Pentlands, Borders and Edinburgh?
  • * And did you know you can ‘come and have a go’ at volunteering? Introducing ‘Twosday’.


Inspired by the #GoodForYou campaign, we’re encouraging families, parents, carers, guardians and all residents in South East of Scotland to join in #GoodForTwo from Founder’s Day on 22/2/22.

You can see first hand what we do and what the fuss is all about. Experience the fun and benefits offered by Scouting. What’s not to like! 

Find your nearest Scout Group here.

We know volunteering with Scouts is #GoodForYou, even better when it’s Good For Two! 

Research tells us adults are more likely to volunteer if they can do it with someone they know. That’s why #GoodForYou is Good for Two on 22/2/22.