Do you hold a valid First Response certificate? It is a requirement of the Scout Association that every adult in a leader or manager role must hold this qualification.

You can either:

  • attend a full one day First Response course run by the Regional Training Team which is free


  • obtain a First Aid qualification issued by an external professional organisation such as St Andrews or the Red Cross, for which you must pay the organisation.

These qualifications must be recorded on Compass by your ADC (Adult Training) and are valid for 3 years.

You must refresh your training within the 3 year period. The Regional Training Team offers free First Response refresher courses for adults who hold a valid certificate that is about to expire. These courses are about 3 hours in length. If the qualification has lapsed or you have attended two refresher courses in succession, you must attend the full one day course again.

Please be aware that leaders who want to attain their Terrain 2 permit must attend a full two day First Aid course run by an external professional organisation such as St Andrews or the Red Cross and for which a charge will be made by the organisation. These are not run or paid by the Region.

If a District wishes to organise a First Response course, then Margery Naylor (Assistant Regional Commissioner Adult Training) should be consulted at an early stage to ensure that the trainers leading the course have both an external full First Aid Certificate and an external qualification as a First Aid Trainer, e.g. from St Andrews. Alternatively the trainers should hold a full First Aid certificate and be validated for Scout Modules 28 and 29. Please remember that the Region will not pay for training that is not organised by the Region.  It is much better to contact Margery to ask if a course can be run by the Region in any District at the request of the District –