British Red Cross

The British Red Cross deliver workshops in Everyday First Aid and Refugee Awareness as part of our ‘Crisis Education’ remit. This is a new service and so far it has been hugely popular with youth groups in Edinburgh and Dundee.  (Message from Sarah McCrory)

The workshops are fully-funded by us, therefore we are seeking to develop our partnerships within communities to equip young people with valuable, life-saving skills. It is also our ambition to ensure that all young people are informed about first aid as our research has shown that this is an issue in communities, with 59% of pre-hospital deaths potentially being prevented by basic first aid training. This workshop could be used to support the current first aid training within Scouts.

Everyday First Aid

Our Everyday First Aid workshops increase confidence and empower young people, and also support health and wellbeing. During these workshops, young people will learn valuable first aid skills, for example, responding to someone who is unconscious and breathing/not breathing, choking, bleeding heavily and burns etc. The workshops support young people in assessing risk and understanding the impact of risk-taking behaviour. We address common barriers to providing help and we encourage young people to take control in an emergency.  Our aim is to ensure that young people develop confidence and willingness to act, therefore our education is easy to learn and easy to remember. Participants will be awarded with a British Red Cross certificate of learning for taking part in this course.

The workshop would most likely equate to Level 2 on the Scouting  Emergency Aid Staged Activity Badge scale, however, we also cover elements from Level 3. An example of these would be:

  • Unconscious and breathing
  • Unconscious and not breathing (through hands-only CPR)
  • Bleeding heavily
  • Burns
  • Choking

We primarily focus on the ‘everyday’ approach to first aid, e.g. what to do when we don’t have resources such as a first aid kit available. Our ambition is to make life-saving skills accessible to all young people, so therefore our methods are easy to learn and easy to remember.

We will also focus on the ‘Bystander Effect’ and examine barriers that would stop people from helping in a crisis, as young people who have received first aid training will not always use it due to a variety of reasons. These workshops could be used to support the first aid learning with Scouts.

Refugee Awareness

The aim of the Refugee Awareness workshops is to reduce stigma and discrimination in communities. We inform young people on reasons why people migrate and need to leave their homes, promoting an awareness of international issues and global citizenship.  Common misconceptions held about refugees and migrants are addressed through activities and quizzes. In these workshops, young people learn the difference between terms such as ‘asylum seeker’, ‘refugee’, and ‘migrant’. Through games, participants will also look at reasons why people leave their homes and share their own opinions on what they might do or feel about similar situations, encouraging empathy and challenging young people to look at issues from a different perspective. Our aim is to encourage young people to be more confident in welcoming people from different countries, and also to apply this understanding in their communities.

Both workshops help young people to develop self-awareness and respect for others, and promote personal and social development. They are delivered in an informal and interactive style and are planned around the needs of individual groups, lasting approximately 60 – 90 minutes.  There can be up to 30 people in a group, and the workshops are aimed at age range 10 – 19.

If you feel that your young people would benefit from either workshop, feel free to contact me by email or phone.

Sarah McCrory
Youth Education Coordinator (Edinburgh and Dundee)
West Point House, 69 N Gyle Terrace, Edinburgh EH12 8JY