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Funding is available from a variety of sources to support different aspects of Scouting.

The Lyburn Fund

The Lyburn Fund exists to support certain activities within the Scout and Explorer Scout Sections. These are: International Camps [excluding World Jamborees] outside the U.K. or Outward Bound Courses or equivalent or any other activity thought worthwhile by the Trustees for the benefit of Scouts or Explorer Scouts and for the benefit of their Troops and Units.

All applications must be accompanied by the most recent AGM approved accounts of either the Group or the District. All applications will be assessed on the basis of financial need. The grant is a maximum of £50 per young person and only one application may ever be made for a young person. If an application is made for the first time this year for a young person, no future applications may be made for the same young person. Each Group or Explorer Unit can only make one application in any financial year. The maximum amount that can be awarded to a Group or Explorer Unit in any financial year is £1,000. If the trip or camp is to be a joint Scout and Explorer camp or trip, each section should apply separately to maximise the amount that can be applied for.  Remember Explorer Units are not members of Groups – they are members of the Districts.

The application will be approved by Margery Naylor, the Regional Commissioner, and John Cannon, the Chair of the Regional Executive Committee.

Although the amount of the grant is based on the number of young people attending, it can be used at the leaders’ discretion. For example, if there are more than 20 young people on the trip, the grant can be shared amongst them for activities, at the leaders’ discretion. This does not need to be reported to us. Following the event, it is a requirement that a report regarding the event is submitted to the Regional Office. This should identify what the event achieved. Failure to submit a report will result in no further grant applications being approved.

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