South East Scotland Regional Scout Council

Regional Development Project Review August 2015

Future Projects

As part of the online questionnaire we asked volunteers to give their feedback on what the priorities should be for a future project or employment of an LDO, if either became financially viable. In decreasing order of priority, the volunteers said the priorities should be:

  1. To help recruit new volunteers (generally)
  2. Joint second place:
    1. To help start new sections/Groups
    2. To attend events to recruit new volunteers
    3. To help Groups/Districts to create development plans
  3. To help with recruitment of “managers” (GSLs, District roles)
  4. To help reduce waiting lists

In addition, the volunteers suggested other possible priorities:

  • Help to retain new volunteers
  • To help struggling sections/Groups in collaboration with District teams
  • To manage a centrally controlled waiting list
  • To assist Groups with grant applications
  • To organise leader-only social weekends to promote volunteering
  • Help to ensure a quality programme is delivered
  • Help Group Executives with practical tasks/time
  • Focus on gaps in “harder to reach” areas

The feedback points to the very considerable benefits of having dedicated full time support to facilitate development in the widest sense. While this post will not always be available there are some clear priorities suggested which Districts and Groups could target. As awareness grows across the Movement of the role of the District team as that of managers and not organisers of events, and that GSLs are key members of these Districts teams, some of the tasks listed will move to these managers. The experience of this development project and the chance to reflect on it highlights some of the key tasks and priorities for dedicated development roles in both the Region and Districts.