Galashiels Scouts and Explorers Summer Camp

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Galashiels Scouts and Explorers returned home on Saturday 30th July from a week-long summer camp with 8th/26th Todmorden, (W. Yorkshire), at Howick in Northumberland (thankfully the journey was much shorter for us!)

With 70 young people on site in patrol tents, collecting wood and managing fires for cooking many of their own meals, lots of new skills and friendships were made.
The Scouts worked on their survival badge, sleeping on the beach and cooking food without utensils as well as a wide range of activities including paddle boarding and coasteering with @Adventure Northumberland 
It was great to have a beach close to hand, where everyone got to make pizzas as well as Alnwick only a few miles away for the tradition of a pool swim and shopping before coming home, (including browsing the famous Barters Bookstore).

This is the second time Galashiels Scouts have camped with Tod and we hope they’ll have us again next year!!

What’s next?
The Expedition Challenge and the Scout Groups Beavers will be heading off on camp also. Watch this space!