Please keep a trip to the King’s Theatre in mind when planning your programme for the next Scouting year.

For 87 years Gang Shows, all over the world, have brought young people and adults together to share in the fabulous experience of ‘putting on a show’. Last year The Scouts launched a new strategy with a focus on ‘Skills For Life’ and Girlguiding transformed their programme to introduce new topics, new skills and new ways for girls to broaden their horizons. So, how can we relate the Gang Show experience to #SkillsForLife for young people today?

Involvement in the Gang Show can develop and expand young people creatively, encourage important skills such as teamwork and collaboration, confidence, self-awareness, self-discipline, time management and organisational aptitude.  Gang Shows encourage fun, the building of friendships, excitement and develop the essential abilities young people need to navigate life, not to mention introducing the skills needed for the workplace. Taking part allows young people to realise their potential in new and exciting ways. Whether that is showing leadership capabilities by helping younger members of the Gang learn dance routines, developing writing skills by promoting the show on social media or expanding on their people and organisational skills by contributing to planning meetings. Just being involved is an adventurous journey that promises fun, excitement and learning along the way. 

Over 250 young people are ready to entertain you!

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 Edinburgh Gang Show 2019 – the 60th Show!

King’s Theatre, Edinburgh
Tue 19 to Sat 23 November 2019
Evenings 7.00pm
Sat Matinee 2.15pm

0131 529 6000

Group Discounts Available.